Best Modern Bird Feeder: Top Picks In 2022

modern bird feeder

Whether you’ve been feeding the birds in your yard for years, or just starting out, modern bird feeders are great for adding style to your surroundings. These feeders are designed to combine good looks with a great place for birds to feed. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so read on to find the perfect modern bird feeder for your yard and the birds that visit it. 

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Best Modern Bird Feeder: Top Picks In 2022

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Top Picks:

6 Best Modern Bird Feeder Comparison

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1. Royal Chirp Sky Loft Feeder

modern bird feeder pole

This modern bird feeder combines a modern look, with all-natural materials. It offers a really cool, sleek, and minimalist design. These luxury bird feeders are made by a company that is determined to limit their environmental impact. 

The sky loft feeder is made from unsealed wood for a more natural finish, but you could always seal it yourself to prolong its life. This piece is ideal for small, seed-eating songbirds. 


  • Eco-friendly product
  • Has an attractive, nature-inspired look


  • The hanging strap is quite short
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2. Rotot Ceramic Bamboo Bird Feeder

modern ceramic bird feeder

This modern ceramic bird feeder combines a collection of beautiful natural materials that look great with or without a beautiful songbird in attendance. It is made from biodegradable materials and is easy to install and clean. The perching spaces and drainage holes in the feeder are practical touches to these high end bird feeders.


  • Great looking feeder
  • Made from renewable, eco-friendly materials


  • Accommodates only 2 birds at a time
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3. Sungmor Electroplating Copper Bird Feeder 

modern bird feeder stand

This contemporary bird feeder from Sungmor has a really interesting and eye catching design. That being said, it is still a very functional and well-designed modern bird feeder. This sturdy piece is designed to be hung from a good quality, modern bird feeder pole. 

The bottom of the feeder drains really well, but the roof design keeps the birdseed sheltered from the elements pretty well anyway.  


  • Really sturdy design
  • Attractive modern look


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4. Byer of Maine Egg Fly Through Bird Feeder 

modern bird feeder designs

This is an elegant, avant-garde bird feeder that will draw plenty of attention from your friends and neighbors. This beautifully ornamental modern bird feeder is designed to be hung up and will look as good out in the garden as it will on the balcony. 

This ceramic feeder is designed to last against the elements, and hold a good amount of birdseed. The material is glazed so it is very easy to clean, and the addition of drainage holes will keep the seed fresher for longer. 


  • Stands out when compared with traditional bird feeders
  • Drainage holes keep seeds dry 


  • Ceramic material will likely break if dropped
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5. Rotot Hexagon Bamboo Bird Feeder 

contemporary bird feeder

This stylish, hexagonal fly thru bird feeder from Rotot looks great wherever you hang it. This unconventional design combines artistic and functional qualities that make it an excellent garden ornament. 

This feeder is partially constructed from bamboo, a fast-growing and renewable product that has less impact on the environment. Hang this modern bird feeder from a bird feeder station or simply set it on a railing or wall and enjoy all your feathered visitors. 


  • Easy to hang and fill 
  • Drainage holes keep seed fresh


  • Limited space only allows one bird to feed at a time
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6. Eva Solo Hand Blown Glass Hanging Bird Feeder

designer bird feeders

This beautiful modern bird feeder from Eva looks amazing on a porch or balcony. While it may not be the most practical design for a birdfeeder, your feathered friends will learn to use it in time. 

Being a glass product that holds birdseed, I would suggest upgrading the hanging cable to something a little more sturdy if you have squirrels in your yard. If you’re looking for an eye catching new bird feeder, this will look great on a modern bird feeder stand


  • Beautiful ornamental piece
  • Great visibility of birds


  • The glass will likely break if dropped
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7. Umbra Bird Café Feeder

luxury bird feeders

This high end modern bird feeder has an asymmetrical and aesthetically pleasing design that will fit in perfectly with cityscape environments. It is made from durable plastic that is easy to clean. 

To fill these designer bird feeders with seeds, simply remove the top and pour in the food. Larger birds struggle to perch and feed on this feeder, which gives the smaller species a chance to enjoy their meal in peace. 


  • Cool, asymmetrical design 
  • Made from durable plastic


  • Seeds tend to get wet in rainy weather 

8. More Birds Abundance Feeder

high end bird feeders

This great design from More Birds has an interesting look, reminiscent of a mid century modern bird feeder. It holds an impressive 3.5lbs of birdseed, so you can feed more birds with less effort. 

The perches on this feeder are adjustable, to accommodate smaller or larger birds, and you can use the thistle port inserts to turn this into a feeder for finches that enjoy such fine seeds. 


  • Large seed capacity 
  • 6 feeding ports, with perches


  •  Seeds become moist in humid environments
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I set up my birdfeeder?

You can set your modern bird feeder wherever it looks best around your home. You should hang your feeder from something secure, like a bird feeder pole that won’t swing too badly in the wind. To attract the most birds, set up your feeder somewhere quiet, 10-15 feet away from cover, and at least 5 feet above ground level.  

What is the best kind of birdseed?

There are many great types of birdseed available, and some types of birds prefer certain seeds over others. The best kinds of birdseed to use in your home bird feeders are sunflower seeds (black oil and striped), cracked corn, safflower seeds, mixed bird seeds, and nyjer seeds. 

What kind of birds eat birdseed?

There are so many different types of birds out there that will eat birdseed, we could write a whole page on it, but the most common birds that visit backyard bird feeders include finches, cardinals, doves, sparrows, chickadees, and nuthatches. 

Final Thoughts

Rethink the classic bird feeder look and update your garden decor this year with a great new modern bird feeder. The times are changing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep up while keeping the birds happy. Happy birdwatching!

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