Top 14 Best Woodpecker Feeders – Review of 2022

Woodpeckers like to find new sources of food, get as much as they can and store it on holes they make on trees. When they’re lucky, they can get all their stuff when it’s time to eat. But chances are, squirrels get their stocks first. Too bad, but what now?

best woodpecker feeder

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These wild birds will try to scout for another food source. Woodpeckers are lucky if there’s another alternative nearby. Some birds may depend on the food given by good people – most are keepers. These people provide food not on a plate, but on feeders. Specifically, woodpecker feeders. So if you’re thinking about being a woodpecker watcher yourself, then you need to arm yourself with the best woodpecker feeder in the market. Lucky for you, we’ve tested dozens of such feeders and have listed the top ones here. Read on!

6 Best Woodpecker Feeders Comparison

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Top 14 Best Woodpecker Feeder Reviews

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1. Stokes Select 38069, Brown X Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Woodpeckers are medium-sized birds that feed on seeds, berries, and suets – food that squirrels are also attracted to. One of the biggest motivations of a woodpecker bird watcher is to make sure that the birds get to the food, and not squirrels. This is why Stokes Select’s 38069 model is one of my top recommendations.

This bird feeder can hold two large suet cakes, at opposing sides. The suet cake holder is enclosed in a metal cage, with gaps that can allow small to medium birds to enter. The cage is large enough to accommodate four medium-sized birds without feeling crowded.

I admire this bird feeder’s powder-coated metal roof, as it locks into the cage tightly, effectively preventing squirrels from unlocking the cage. This feeder is basically weatherproof. It can withstand rain and there is no pooling because there is no surface for water to stand. Although the cage is practically open and rain can get inside, you won’t have a problem with the food going bad since rain easily slides off suet cakes.


  • Powder-coated metal roof locks tightly
  • The cage prevents squirrels from getting hold of the food
  • Compatible with 15 or 18-inch baffles


  • Can only hold a maximum of four birds, as more would be crowded inside
If you have a lot of woodpeckers and squirrels in your area, this woodpecker feeder will be an effective source of nutrition for the birds while deterring squirrels at the same time. You may have to purchase more than one if you have a lot of birds in your area though.
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2. MEKKAPRO Double Suet Wild Bird Feeder

Another suet cake feeder that I would recommend is the Double Suet Wild Bird Feeder from Mekkapro. Just as its name implies, you can place two regular-sized suet cakes on opposing sides. You can also place orange halves or nesting materials in this feeder.

What I like most about this one is that it’s a no-fuss bird feeder. You just place the suet cakes and you’re done! The cage is hinged on top and closes at the bottom with a snap. You don’t have to worry about rain since suet cakes aren’t affected by water, but the roof provides enough cover anyway. Woodpeckers are clingers, so clinging to the sides of the cage is pretty easy for them.

The downside though is that this feeder is not really squirrel-proof. It’s easy for them to learn how to open the bottom of the cage to get the suet cakes out. What I did was use a binder clip that locks the bottom, preventing the squirrels from getting the whole cakes out. They can easily reach in and get a handful of food so it would be best to use a baffle if you really want to keep these critters out.


  • Easy to set-up and maintain
  • Easy to clean
  • Can accommodate 2-4 woodpeckers at a time


If you’re looking for the set-it-and-leave-it type of woodpecker, this is a great choice. Cleaning only needs to be done once every two months, and it’ pretty easy too. Just make sure you utilize squirrel deterring tools such as baffle to prevent them from getting to the food and taking over.
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3. Stokes Select Suet Bird Feeder

Made by a popular bird feeder brand, the Stokes Select Suet Bird Feeder is a small but durable feeder that will last a long while. If you like making your own suet cakes and offering them to woodpeckers, you won’t go wrong with this model.

It is small and lightweight, but one look and you’ll know that it can withstand all four seasons. The squirrels were able to get to this feeder once, causing it to get dislodged from the hook and falling to the ground. When I picked it up, I was happy to find that it’s still intact and working well. After six months of usage, I don’t see any fading or chipping of the paint, which is great.

But just as I mentioned, this feeder also attracts squirrels, and there’s nothing holding them back. Aside from being able to reach in and grab some suet, they can also unlock the cage door, which means they can easily feast on the suet.

Overall, I like its simple design. There is actually no need to get a roof for it as water just slips down suet cakes because of the oil/lard content. Plus, with this purchase, you are actually helping out wild birds as the company puts aside a portion of the sales for bird protection.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Paint doesn’t fade or chip
  • Very durable
  • Your purchase goes to bird protection and conservation


  • Not squirrel proof
If you’re looking for a simple and durable suet cake feeder for the woodpeckers in your area, this is a good choice. Plus you won’t bust your wallet in purchasing this.
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4. Birds Choice 2-Cake Hanging Suet Feeder

Looking for a heavy-duty suet cake feeder? Why not try Birds Choice 2-Cake Hanging Suet Feeder? With a thick cedar block that holds two suet cake cages, you can be sure this feeder won’t easily give in – not to the changing weather and definitely not to the crazy antics of squirrels.

Aside from being durable, this suet cake feeder helps bigger woodpeckers eat comfortably, especially since some woodpeckers find it difficult eating from square suet cake feeders because of their long tails. They use their tails for balance too, so having a place to rest it makes it easy for them to feed. Smaller woodpeckers usually perch at the top to eat from this feeder.

But although it won’t give in to whatever squirrels try to do with it, it doesn’t mean it is squirrel-proof. The smart critters are still able to get to the food by opening the latch. You can use a binder clip to lock the cages tightly. If you hook it up to a chain, you can add a baffle to prevent squirrels from getting to the food.

I don’t have any issues with melting suet cakes because of rain, as water easily slides off suet, and woodpeckers immediately come to feed (sometimes even when raining). But if your suet cake remains untouched for days, make sure you check it for molds after a bout of rain and sunshine. In any case, this feeder is easy to use and clean. Plus you can place two suet cakes so you can attract and feed more woodpeckers and other birds.


  • Durable
  • Perfect for big woodpeckers
  • Can hold two suet cakes
  • Easy to use


  • Not squirrel proof
With its durability and ease of use, it is a highly recommended woodpecker feeder. Just make sure to use a clip to lock the cage doors in place and you’re all set.
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5. Stokes Select 38070 Capacity Double Bird Feeder

Having a roof is not really necessary for suet feeders. However, if you want to attract mainly woodpeckers in your suet feeder, a roof can help prevent birds that can’t cling or feed upside down from devouring the bird food that you place on your feeder. This is where using Stokes Select 38070 become advantageous.

This durable woodpecker feeder has a brown, powder-coated roof that is not only attractive but also helps keep snow and rain at bay. It is pretty enough to be placed in a show garden. Like me, I’m sure you would also appreciate its rust-proof metal cages, where you can place two suet cakes at a time. Unlike other suet feeders, you don’t have to squeeze the suet cakes in as they fit nicely.

One downside, though, is that it is a deep feeder. Sometimes the suet cakes get pushed too deep inside that the woodpeckers could hardly reach them. What I did was place a small branch inside. This branch doubled as a perch and pushing mechanism so that the woodpeckers would still be able to eat comfortably.


  • Attractive
  • Can hold two suet cakes
  • Durable


  • Suet cakes sometimes get pushed too deep inside
You can’t go wrong with this feeder. Together with its attractive price, it is easily a good choice for those who want a feeder that will complement their nice gardens.
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6. Rubicon Suet Feeder

Songbird Essentials recognized the need of woodpeckers to balance themselves while eating, hence they created this wisely designed woodpecker feeder. As its name itself implies, Rubicon Suet Feeder With Tail Prop has a prop for woodpeckers to rest their tails on. Woodpeckers, especially the large ones, need somewhere to place their tails on as it is one of the three points for them to regain balance.

The natural green color attracts birds while looking snazzy at the same time. Environment-conscious bird watchers will be happy to know that this feeder is made of recycled plastic. The material is thick, so it looks as if it will last for years to come. You won’t find a dent on it even if it falls from up high.

The only thing I don’t like about this feeder is the cable that holds it up. It is not as sturdy as the rest of the feeder. Two squirrels tried to wrestle on top of this feeder, causing the cable to snap. Down came the feeder. As I mentioned above, the feeder’s body is made of durable plastic, so it was still intact. The cable had to be replaced with a different metal wire that (thankfully) I had stocked in my garage. If it wasn’t for the cable, this bird feeder would have been perfect.


  • Attracts woodpeckers nicely
  • Has a tail prop
  • Made of thick, durable, recycled plastic


  • The hanging cable is not sturdy
If the company would only replace the hanging cable to a sturdier one, this would be my number one woodpecker feeder. Nevertheless, it is a great choice and one that you should place on your list of to-buys.
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7. Homes Garden Suet Wild Bird Feeder

If you want your feeder to have a little bit of perch for other wild birds, then Homes Garden’s suet feeder might just be the one you need. Made almost entirely of cedar would, with two metal cages on opposing sides, this feeder can hold two suet cakes at a time.

Woodpeckers are clinging birds, so they don’t really need a perch. The cedar wood perch and floor is more helpful for hummingbirds and sparrows. Placing suet cakes is easy as you just need to pull the roof off and place the food. The roof is great to keep snow and water off the food, which is important since this feeder has a floor where water can pool.

What’s great about Homes Garden feeder is that it comes with a one year warranty. If anything’s amiss, you can just give them a call and provide information on what happened. You can also send them pictures of the state of the feeder and they will immediately get back to you on the replacement.

My only concern about this feeder is that only smaller woodpeckers eat from it. I believe bigger ones find it difficult to eat while balancing themselves because the perch is kind of awkward for them and their long tails.


  • Made of thick cedar wood
  • Easy to use
  • Small woodpeckers flock to it
  • Has a one year warranty


  • Bigger woodpeckers find it difficult to use
Aside from woodpeckers, I was also able to attract jays and hummingbirds with this one. It looks good enough to last a while, plus it is easy to use and clean.
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8. Songbird Essentials SE6000 Squirrel Resistant Suet Palace

If you’re tired of having to shoo squirrels away, or if you are already spending too much on suet cakes for birds only to have squirrels eat them, then you need a bird feeder that prevents squirrels from getting to the food. And that is what Songbird Essentials has given us with their Squirrel Resistant Suet Palace.

This caged feeder can hold two blocks of suet cakes, to be placed at the inner cage. The outer cage serves as protection from bigger birds, squirrels, and even raccoons. The gaps of the outer cage can fit smaller birds like jays and small woodpeckers. In the beginning, I was worried about whether the bigger woodpeckers would be able to figure out how to eat from this feeder. My worries were all for naught, though. Medium to large-sized woodpeckers are still able to eat by clinging to the wires at the bottom of the cage and pecking at the suet cakes inside with their long beaks.

The only issue I have with this feeder is its flat roof. When heavy snow comes in, it won’t fall off and would add to the weight of the feeder. You’d have to brush the snow off yourself.

Also, the wires holding the roof, which holds the feeder, are very flimsy. If squirrels sit at the top of the feeder, there is a tendency for the thin wires holding the roof to give in and cause the feeder to crash to the ground. Before it happens, I have attached a stronger chain that I linked to the metal cage itself so it will hold the entire feeder.


  • A double-caged system that effectively deters squirrels
  • Woodpeckers of all sizes can eat from it
  • Metal cages are painted and do not rust


  • Platform roof can cause snow build-up
  • Has thin wires that hold the entire cage up
Aside from the roof issue, this is still a great feeder which works amazingly in preventing little mammals from getting the food you set out for the birds. Woodpeckers love it!
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9. Nature’s Way Bird Products CWF2 Cedar Suet Bird Feeder

This is my favorite woodpecker feeder when it comes to design and innovation. If you don’t know it by now, let me tell you: woodpeckers are able to eat upside down. Starlings and grackles are not able to do this though, which means if you’d like to offer food to just woodpeckers and other upside-down eating birds, then you’re better off using a feeder that allows for upside-down eating only. That’s where Nature’s Way’s Upside-Down Suet Feeder comes in.

Starlings and grackles usually bully other birds. And though woodpeckers sometimes fight back, they can’t handle a pack of starlings trying to drive them away. Which is why I really like this upside-down feeder: because starlings can’t get food out of it, they just give up and fly away. And once they’re gone, dozens of clinging wild birds flocked to my backyard. It’s an awesome display.

Aside from keeping bully birds out, it’s also fun to watch Downy and Red Bellied woodpeckers eat in reverse. Placing a suet cake is easy enough: you just have to lift the roof up and place at most two cakes.

Keep in mind, though, that this feeder is not squirrel-proof. Squirrels are pretty smart at determining how to open up cages and roofs, and this feeder is no exception. Plus, this feeder is made entirely of wood, which squirrels can also chew off if they don’t figure out how to open it. It would be best to use a baffle over the feeder to prevent them from having access.

Finally, Nature’s Way offers a five-year warranty for this feeder. You can contact their customer service and send them images of the damage. If it falls under the warranty (it usually does), you will get a replacement. You just need to pay for shipping. For me, that’s not bad since you will get a new bird feeder anyway.


  • Great for keeping starlings and grackles away
  • Creates a fun bird watching experience, as the bird seat upside-down
  • Easy to use
  • Can hold two suet cakes


  • Not squirrel-proof
All in all, this is an excellent feeder, and surely one of my top choices. Squirrel proofing it can be done just by adding a baffle, so that issue is easily solved.
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10. Birds Choice 2-Cake Pileated Suet Feeder

If large woodpeckers frequent your area, you should use a feeder that has a tail prop to help them eat easily and properly. Birds Choice offers this recycled plastic suet cake feeder that has a long tail prop, matched with a green top to attract birds. Once you get it out of the package, you’ll immediately see its high quality.

This is one of the most durable feeders that I’ve ever tried. In fact, mine is close to ten years old, and aside from the colors fading, it is not showing any signs that I’ll have to replace soon. The metal mesh that holds the suet inside the feeder slides off easily, which makes for easy suet refilling and cleaning. It can hold up to two regular sized suet cakes.

It does not deter critters though. If there are raccoons and squirrels in your area, the best solution would be using a long wire to hang the feeder from. Squirrels usually give up after seeing that the feeder is further down than they expect.

It also tends to sway a bit because the prop catches the wind. The Pileated Woodpeckers that feed on mine don’t seem to be bothered by the swaying anyway. Some smaller woodpeckers tend to peck off a piece of suet cake and fly away to where they can eat in peace.


  • Great for small to large woodpeckers
  • Easy to refill and clean
  • Very durable and will last for decades


  • Not squirrel-proof
This is an awesome feeder that might even last for a lifetime. Plus environment-conscious people will be happy to use this recycled plastic feeder.
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11. Kettle Moraine Window Mount Woodpecker Feeder

If you want to watch woodpeckers eat up close and personal, what better way than to use a glass window bird feeder? Even though seed feeders are more common for window type feeders, Kettle Moraine has come up with this window mount suet cake feeder.

What I appreciate about this feeder (aside from being mounted on my glass window) is that it has really tight suction cups. The biggest concern about using window feeders is making sure they stay on the window, come sunshine, rain, wind or snow. Based on the past two months that I’ve had mine, it’s really working well.

You don’t have to remove the feeder from the window every time you need to refill it. Just open the cage door, place one suet cake, and close it in a snap. Simple and easy. Its cage is coated with vinyl so the metal won’t rust. I haven’t seen a chip or crack on the paint, which is good.

Only small woodpeckers, such as Downy Woodpecker, use this feeder though. I suspect bigger ones like the Pileated find it hard to balance on the small space because of their heavy tails.

The downside to this feeder is that it can only hold one suet cake. If you have several woodpeckers and bluejays in the area, this means you have to refill three to four times a week, which can be a bit of a hassle. Other than that, it’s a nice and durable feeder.


  • View woodpeckers eating really close
  • Suction cups are really tight
  • Easy to refill


  • Can only hold one suet cake at a time
One thing to keep in mind when using this window mounted suet cake feeder is that sometimes birds make a mess of the suet. The next thing you know, you’ll have oily smudges on your glass window. Just make sure to wipe them clean for you to have a clear view (and for sanitary purposes). Other than that, this window feeder is a must if you have kids at home who would like a closer view of the wild birds.
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12. Nature’s Way Bird Products CWF1 Cedar Suet Cake Feeder

Cedarwood has a way of attracting woodpeckers, especially since these birds usually find and store food inside tree gaps. It’s not surprising, therefore, that Nature’s Way’s Suet Cake Feeder that is made of cedar wood attracts more woodpeckers as compared to metal suet cake cages. But aside from its main material, this suet cake feeder makes larger woodpeckers keep coming back because of the tail prop.

The feeder has a vertically elongated cedar wood that has deep skerfs. The extra wood is used by woodpeckers to rest their heavy tails, while the gripping skerfs allow them to cling even better to the feeder. Other wild birds such as chickadees and bluejays like it as well.

Refilling can be done in a jiffy. Just lift the keyhole and put the suet cake in. It can only hold one regular sized suet cake though.

The entire feeder holds well to the weather and doesn’t sway as much as other feeders. The only downside is that the roof is also made of wood, which means squirrels can chew right through it. To keep squirrels away, hang the feeder from a long chain or wire. Squirrels usually hesitate when the distance between the roof and the edge of where they are standing on is more than their body height. Or you can use a baffle.


  • Provides stable feeding experience for large woodpeckers
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy to use


  • Squirrels can chew through the wooden lid
In conclusion, this is an effective woodpecker feeder, especially if you are targeting bigger woodpecker variants. Just be mindful of the squirrels or they’ll chew through the entire cedar wood in no time.

13. Kettle Moraine Cedar Single Cake Tail Prop Suet Bird Feeder

Another feeder that has a tail prop for woodpeckers to use is this one from Kettle Moraine. Also made from thick cedar wood, it easily attracts woodpeckers to it. It is a lightweight feeder that comes with its own hanging cable, which I must say is very sturdy, unlike others that I have seen. The overall make of the feeder is also impressive.

It fits one regular sized suet cake, although if you really try, you can cram two at a time (with some smudging at the edges). The top cover lifts up for refilling, which is great so you won’t have to touch the bottom part of the wire mesh, where it usually gets icky and messy.

Smaller woodpeckers seem to like it, but larger ones find it a bit difficult to use. It must be because the tail prop is not large enough for them. If they climb up for a bit, their tails can rest on the prop, although their heads will be right by the roof. In any case, the birds are still able to go through the suet cakes quickly.

The biggest concern I had with this suet cake feeder is that it easily catches the wind. If it gets too windy, the feeder sways wildly, preventing birds from landing on it to get some food. But when it’s not too windy, birds can get to it fine.


  • Has a tail prop
  • Easy to refill
  • Good quality construction


  • Sways a lot during windy days
It may take a few days for bigger woodpeckers to get used to this feeder, but once they find a technique on how to balance themselves properly on the prop, they’ll use it frequently. The only downside is that it sways a lot so you might have to place it where it’s less windy, or you can attach something heavy to the bottom to prevent it from swaying wildly. For the price, it is a worthwhile purchase.
[amazon box=”B004VWXM4O”]

14. Gray Bunny GB-6857 Premium Steel Sunflower Seed Feeder

This is the only seed and nut feeder in my list, and for good reason! Woodpeckers, as their name implies, like to peck. This sometimes causes seed feeders to get destroyed easily. They sometimes even peck through plastic tubes by mistake! This is why this entire list is comprised of suet cake feeders. But if you really want to offer seeds and nuts, this tube mesh feeder from Gray Bunny is the perfect one for you.

With its galvanized steel mesh, the feeder won’t be destroyed easily even when birds peck through it. The gaps on the steel mesh are enough to fit the beaks of woodpeckers, without causing the mix of nuts and fruits inside to fall out.

The best part about using this feeder is that several birds can use it at the same time. There’s no need to worry about some birds flying away without being able to eat anything. Not an hour after I placed it out, birds (including woodpeckers) flocked to it. Some woodpeckers tend to shy away so some would get food and then fly away (maybe stocking food in a hidden place), and would come back for more.

However, like other feeders above, this needs to be protected from squirrels. Although the mesh is tough enough for birds, squirrels might have no trouble ripping it open. Hang it up over a long wire or use a baffle to deter those critters.

It can hold up to four cups of seeds, which you can place by opening the top lid. If you need to clean the feeder, use a screwdriver to unscrew the bottom part.


  • Holds up to four cups of seeds, nuts, and fruit
  • Doesn’t get caught in the wind
  • Feeds several birds at a time
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Wire mesh can be easy for squirrels to rip open
This Gray Bunny nuts and seeds feeder works surprisingly well. If you need a variation from suet cakes, use this one. Aside from its affordable price, what makes this even more attractive is that the company offers a “No Worries” money-back guarantee if it doesn’t level up to your expectations, valid for one year.
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What To Look For When Buying a Woodpecker Feeder


Looking for a reliable woodpecker feeder is basically almost the same as finding a good feeder for any type of birds. These should provide basic functions and cater for these wild birds’ custom needs. But that’s not all! You should also have in mind that the maintenance and ease of use by the keepers are also important. Remembering what a good woodpecker feeder to buy is as easy as A-B-C-D-E!

Accessible. Woody and his friends would love to lounge and eat at a feeder that can be easily reached and scouted from afar. Like us, they would prefer to eat out in a place near their homes. Apart from the distance, woodpeckers would appreciate having a feeder that enables them to get as much food as they want… anytime. But ease of access is preferably for the birds only. Find a feeder that protects the feeds from predators and competitors like snakes, cats, squirrels, rats, mice, or insects.

Basic. You should look for woodpecker feeder that really functions as it is called. Its size should be big enough for the volume or capacity that you’re expecting. These feeders can either hold seeds or suet cakes and properly hold them for longer hours.

Care and control. Say yes to comfortable feeding! Some have “first-in, first-out system”, some enables filling it without the use of funnels. Imagine the time and effort saved with these kinds! You should also look for a woodpecker feeder that can be easily installed and hanged. You might want to find an easy-open feeder so that cleaning will be much easier.

Durable. To be able to feed woodpeckers for years, buy a food container that is durable. You want to have a feeder that is well-made with quality materials. It should withstand strong wind, rain, sun, and moisture. The woodpecker feeder that you will choose should also be sturdy. It should not dangle with wind or the birds’ movements.

Extra. You would want to have something more for your hard-earned dollars. Find a feeder that has a tail prop or perch. The woodpeckers will thank you for the added installations. This enables them to rest their tails and roost. It’s like giving them a fine dining experience.

Check if feeders are made with cedar wood or rust- and contaminant-free materials. If yes, then you’re assured to have the best materials. Using recycled ones are also good and would let you hit two birds with one stone (Sorry, birds!) – you have your feeder while saving Mother Earth!

Aesthetics is a huge bonus. You may attract your visitors to look through it and encourage them to care for the birds.

Now aside from these ABCDEs of finding the right woodpecker feeder, here’s the real deal breaker: the price. With all these criteria and bonus features, you would want to have it all for a reasonable price. See if there is a warranty, too. Verify its coverage so that you can relax knowing that help is one quick dial away.

You don’t have to tire yourself when finding the best woodpecker feeder. Just look for something that can provide accessible and basic feeding functions. It should enable comfortable and easy cleaning, too. Finally, it must be durable and give extra benefits for a reasonable price. Check for these and you’ll get yourself a good woodpecker feeder.

Other Important Factors To Consider


What is a woodpecker feeder?

A feeder is a food container that attracts birds and enables them to eat with ease. These feeders can be specifically designed for each bird type. For woodpeckers, it is called a…? Right! A woodpecker feeder. These feeders work like the logs that they use for storage. It can also come in different designs and unique features. The only difference is that these birds don’t need to peck holes and hoard. The food is ready for them to eat.

The feeder may contain the woodpecker’s favorites. It can be nuts, seeds, fruits, berries, insects, or suet. Suet is animal fat that usually comes from the fat around the internal organs of cow, carabao, sheep, or lamb. It is a bird’s long-time favorite. To prepare a cake-like feed, suet is rendered to remove impurities or other undesired products in the fat. Then some put in nuts, seeds, or fruits. It is very unlikely though to have a suet cake with insects in it.

How does it work?

It practically works like any other feeder. It stores and holds the birds’ food while providing a perch for them for comfortable eating. Depending on the type of woodpecker feeders, added features may be found for specialized uses.

For example, the woodpeckers have a clinging ability that is very notable. You can see that these birds have three (3) body parts that they can put on the object that they cling to: beak, feet, and tail. These woodpeckers feel at ease and safe when they have these three parts clinging. You can see this especially while they eat.

So, woodpecker feeders not only provide food for the birds, but also a stable material that they can hold on to.

What are the different types of woodpecker feeders?

There are a lot of types already in the market. It provides basic functions and offers unique features. But in general, there are about five (5) types of woodpecker feeders. These are kids that are so named because of their functions and appearances.

  • Platform Feeder

Platform woodpecker feeder is any flat surface that has food on top for the birds. This type of feeder is just like a table with food on top of it. Another variation of this type is a hanging square frame with mesh. Feeding with this feeder is fun. It’s like giving the woodpeckers a buffet or a boodle fight. This is good to use if you’re a keeper who is just starting and would not want to spend on expensive ones yet. But you must watch out for other animals in the area. They might eat what you prepared for the birds.

  • Pole or Log Feeder

This type is the closest design to the one that the woodpecker naturally has. Imagine a cut pole or log with food in its holes. You can make this with an old log. Drill holes on different sides enough for the woodpecker’s beak to reach. If you don’t have the tools, you can actually opt to order one. Another good thing about this type is that it allows the 3-point contact. Woodpeckers will like it.

  • Basket Feeder

Basket type woodpecker feeders are usually used for suet cakes. This can also come in squares or donut-like baskets. The openings of this are big enough for the beaks to fit in but small enough to properly hold the cakes in place. This is also a cheap alternative if you are just starting. One advantage of this is that it protects the feeds and allows easy perching and access to food.

  • Cylindrical Mesh or Wire Mesh Feeder

It is a cylindrical enclosure made of wire mesh with about ¼ to ½ -inch opening. It holds food like seeds, nuts, or suet nuggets. Most of these cylindrical mesh feeders have easy-open lids both found at the top and bottom parts. The idea is that the feeds that entered first are finished or discarded first. Or the “first in, first out” system, as they say. Some of this has a wider bottom area that works as a perch.

  • Upside Down Feeder

If you think that the feeder is placed bottom-up, you might want to think again. We know, the name is misleading. But this feeder really isn’t put upside down as it is named. The way the birds can eat their ration is upside down. Confusing? Let’s try to think it this way: Imagine a regularly closed feeder with the opening at the bottom. The only access to the food is through that area. That’s why, when birds eat the suet cake, they have to perch and position upside down. This is a strange design, but a lot of birds can eat well with this.

Why do you need a woodpecker feeder?

Are you someone who cares for woodpeckers and wants to keep them? Then having a woodpecker feeder in your backyard is very helpful. It can give you a lot of benefits than you can imagine.

  1. It protects the supply. Most of the available feeders now have designs useful for food protection. It can not only contain the food in closed containers. It can also shoo away competitors like squirrels, mice, and other rodents.
  2. It is not messy. Once you put food in the feeders, it won’t get scattered easily. Plus, it won’t give the woodpeckers a hard time to pick the food up.
  3. It saves your trees. Are you worried that your trees will have holes made by these birds? You don’t have to worry if you have woodpecker feeders in your backyard. They won’t have to put holes on it because they have a place where they can find food.
  4. It can direct where the pests are. This is true if you put the woodpecker feeders near an infested area. Once the woodpeckers sense another food source, you’ll see later that the worrisome insects are long gone.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are good woodpecker feeder brands?

There are a lot of woodpecker feeder brands available in the market, so you’ve got to be sure to buy the best ones. I’ve identified some brands that are good and offer extra, tried-and-tested features. By the way, when I say good, I mean quality.

Generally, Bird’s Choice, Stokes Select, and Nature’s Way have best-selling products. They also offer different types of woodpecker feeders. Customers are pretty satisfied with these. For platform feeders, Songbird Essentials is good. If you want to buy those with a tail prop, you might want to consider Kettle Moraine and Rubicon Hunter. You can try Stovall for decent log feeders and other designs made of wood. Gray Bunny, Perky-Pet, and Brome offer cylindrical and wire mesh feeders with added protection.

What do woodpeckers eat?

Woodpeckers usually choose what’s nearby. They eat seeds, fruits, berries, or nuts. Be careful though with nuts – don’t give them salted or seasoned ones. Like any other birds, dried mealworms are sometimes their go-to meal. They also eat suet if it’s available. For water, they like it plain or with added sweetener.

What is the best food for woodpeckers?

Woodpeckers munch on goodies that are energy-giving and protein-rich. Those mentioned earlier can be given anytime. You may also want to give them suet cakes that have all-in-one benefits.

Try Wildlife Science’s High Energy Suet in an extra value pack! It’s loaded with top quality ingredients like beef suet, corn, black oil, sunflower, and other grains. This suet is melt-resistant so you won’t have to worry about it while hanging under the sun. Plus, the packaging is a time saver. It’s easy to open so it won’t make a mess and scatter

How to hang woodpecker feeder?

You can set up the feeders anywhere in your backyard. Choose an area where there is no noise, disturbance, or pollution. You can put it on a tree trunk, shrub, or post for as high as 12 feet. This is done to reduce the chances of competition with squirrels and rodents.

Make sure to make it visible to the woodpeckers. Otherwise, food hanging will just be a waste. If you’ll install many feeders, see to it that there is a safe distance between them. About nine to ten feet is enough to prevent crowded feeding and birds fighting.

Of course, you can put feeders near your houses. Say, the upside down feeder. You may put it on bushes near your window but far enough to so that birds won’t bump on it. You can hang the feeders within the day, but you can keep it at night or when the rain comes.

How to make a suet feeder for woodpeckers?

Making your own suet feeder is the best option if you’re just starting out and in a tight budget. Here are three simple DIY woodpecker feeders:

  • Platform

Find an old, clean tray or baking pan. Drill holes on each side. Tie twine or rope about 3 feet long. Test if you can install it nice and steady. Hang this with the birds’ favorites.

  • Cylinder

You’ll need is an old chip container, suet mix, stick, and thin rope. Put a small hole at the bottom of the container and attach the rope to it. Imagine how a wick is placed on a candle. Pour the suet mix inside the container while holding the rope up. Let it cool. When ready, punch a small hole across the container using the stick to make a perch. Peel off the top part of the container and hang it.

  • Log or Pole

Find an old log with a diameter of about 3 – 4 inches and length of 3 – 4 feet. Drill 1 – 2-inch holes on different sides and attach a hook at the top part. You can put a rope on the hook when you want to install it on a higher spot.

Where do woodpeckers live? How to attract woodpeckers?

Woodpeckers live in the wild. They’re migratory birds and often reach different parts of the world. You can usually find them on farms, mountains, woodlands, parks, or gardens.

If you want to attract woodpeckers, you must keep in mind two things: quiet hang out place and ration source. The place should be away from noises like busy roads, chimes, or buzzers. You don’t want to scare them off. You might also want to put nesting places for them to roost and rest for a while. They’re attracted to places with a lot of trees especially oaks and pines. They like these primarily because of the food source. Offering food using feeders are ideal, too. But you should place them in spots with easy access. Woodpeckers have a sweet tooth, so nectar or honey on water feeders is like desserts for them.

How to clean?

This depends on the type of feeder you have. Usually, you can just scrape off old feeds and clean it with mild soap and warm water. Don’t use cleaners with harsh chemicals like bleach or QUATS directly. Dilute it with 9 – 10 parts water. If not properly washed, it can be poisonous to the birds and may shoo them away because of tough smell. For log or pole type, you can scoop out the remaining suet, brush it, and wash. After air-drying, these feeders are ready to use again. Ideally, cleaning should be done at the end of the day or within 1 – 3 days to avoid bacteria and mold build up.

Where to buy?

Woodpecker feeders are practically available anywhere. You can buy these on nearby pet supply or home improvement stores like Walmart, Lowes, and Home Depot. What’s cooler is that you can even get these online! Try Amazon if you find it more convenient.


From Downy to Red-Headed, to Hairy and Pileated, to Northern and Red Bellied, woodpeckers are a wonder to behold. It is fun watching them knock on suet cakes to get their meal. With squirrels frequently dining on what these birds keep for future use, setting out a bird feeder for woodpeckers definitely help them get through the season, especially through winter. Make sure you use nothing but the best woodpecker feeder to make your feeding habit (or hobby) last not only through the season but for years to come.

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