Top 10 Best Bird Feeding Stations – Review Of 2022

bird feeding station

If you want a great variety of birdlife to visit and feed in your yard, then you should be putting out a variety of feed to keep them happy. Different types of birds eat different things in different ways, so the best thing to do is offer something for everyone. Wild bird feeding stations offer the ideal solution for this kind of feeding.

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Top 10 Best Bird Feeding Stations – Review Of 2022

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1. Yosager Premium Bird Feeding Station

bird feeder station

The Yosager premium bird feeding station consists of a 3 piece pole with a forked base. This station has 5 prongs to ensure added stability and is powder-coated for extra weather-proofing and durability.

This multiple bird feeder station can be used to attract a number of different bird species and you have the option of adding a baffle to the pole to keep the squirrels at bay. 


  • Multiple feeding options
  • Stable anchoring system


  • No built-in squirrel protection
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2. YANZ Bird Feeding Station Kit

feeding station

The YANZ bird feeding station kit has a unique and attractive green color that sets it apart from other feeding stations. This station is rust-resistant and easily assembled by hand. 

This bird feeding station features a 2 prong anchoring system which works great on lawns but should not be set in loose soil. 


  • Easy assembly
  • Budget option


  • No built-in squirrel protection
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3. Panacea Deluxe Four Way Bird Feeding Station 

bird feeder stand

The Panacea deluxe bird feeding station is secured with a base consisting of four stakes, to ensure a secure a solid, stable installation. This multiple bird feeder station has a built-in, adjustable squirrel baffle and a classic design.

What I really like about this deluxe bird feeding station is the huge number of hanging spaces it incorporates, if you use the small hanging spaces as well.  


  • Strong
  • Built-in squirrel baffle


  • Bird feeder hangers are spaced close together
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4. Squirrel Stopper Bronze Deluxe Squirrel Proof Pole System 

bird feeder hangers

This product manufactured by squirrel stopper lives up to its company name. 

This is a deluxe bird feeder that comes with a built-in spring-loaded squirrel baffle that features both up and down and lateral movements to keep squirrels away from your birdseed

This multi bird feeder station has an attractive bronze-colored finish. The unit is installed with an auger for an easy but solid and lasting foundation on your lawn. 


  • Comes with a spring-loaded squirrel baffle
  • Attractive bronze colored finish


  • Difficult to install in harder ground

5. Erva Tool Heavy Duty Bird Feeder Pole Set 

deluxe bird feeders

This heavy-duty bird feeder stand by Erva Tool and Die has a simple but elegant construction. Although you are free to add more accessories to it, it does include 3 bird feeder hangers which will cover most of the food types you need to attract a variety of bird species to your yard.  

This feeder is installed using the built-in auger system for a solid foundation that stands up well against strong winds. This station has been built to last and holds up well against the elements. 


  • Solid, heavy-duty construction
  • Simple and elegant design


  • Limited bird feeder hangers
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6. Gardman Red Bird Feeding Station

 multi bird feeder station

The Gardman red bird feeding station has an attractive and unique red finish that doubles as an added attraction for hummingbirds. This feeding station has been designed with kids in mind, meaning it has height-adjustable bird feeder hangers so that the little ones can reach up and refill the feeder tray and water bowl. 

This bird feeder station has a single sharpened point for installation and will require the use of a hammer or mallet for installation in harder ground. Care should be taken to not damage the connection point while setting it. 


  • Attractive red design
  • Colors will attract hummingbirds


  • Single stake design can be difficult to anchor in hard ground. 
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7. Mixxidea Deluxe Bird Feeding Station 

multi bird feeder

The Mixxidea deluxe bird feeding station provides an impressive 10 hanging points, meaning you can put out a huge variety of bird food. In fact, this multi bird feeder station comes ‘out-the-box’ with several bird feeders, including suet, seed, and nut feeders, as well fruit hangers, a mesh tray, and a water bowl. 

This deluxe multi bird feeder has been treated with black rust-resistant paint to ensure long-lasting durability. With a 5 pronged stand, this feeder station is also easy to secure firmly in your yard. Installation of the kit is simple and two of the bird feeder hangers and both the water bowl and mesh tray are height adjustable. 


  • Comes with birdfeeders included
  • Has multiple birdfeeder hangers


  • Does not include a squirrel baffle
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8. Panacea Arbor Bird Feeding Station

bird feeder stands with base

This clever and beautiful design is a combination of a garden arbor and a bird station. The arbor includes 4 bird feeder hangers, a fruit stake feeder, corn cob holder, water bowl, mealworm feeder, and suet feeder. 

This arbor would work great to grow something like trumpet vine on, which would attract plenty of hummingbirds and pollinators. If you do, grow trumpet vine, however, be careful not to brush against the plant if you find that it causes you skin irritation. This product is made from steel which has been treated against rust. 


  • Can be used to grow bird-friendly plants on
  • Beautiful design
  • Comes with bird feeders


  • Difficult to keep squirrels off
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9. Yosager Deck Bird Feeding Station

bird station, wild bird feeding stations

The Yosager deck bird feeding station is suitable for decks and balconies where it can be securely attached to a railing, rather than set in the ground. This product is the answer for bird lovers who don’t have a garden but would still love to attract birds to their homes.

This bird feeder station is powder-coated for durability and rust protection. The manufacturer didn’t forget to rustproof the clamping system either. This multiple bird feeder station is easily assembled without tools. 


  • Easily assembled without tools
  • Can be used on balconies and decks


  • Fits a 2-inch maximum rail size
  • Not possible to protect against squirrels
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10. Gray Bunny Balcony Bird Feeding Station

multiple bird feeder

The Gray Bunny balcony bird feeding station is the ideal solution for setting up in paved areas, on balconies, or on decks where stakes cant be set into the ground. 

This bird feeder station is made from cast iron and has a wide stable base and features hanging arms that are adjustable. The station has a rust-resistant finish in an attractive dark gray shade. 


  • Can be used on paving/hard ground
  • Arms and components can be positioned as you choose


  • Does not include any trays or birdbaths
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Customizing Your Bird Feeding Station

While some of the bird feeding stations have just about every feeding option covered, you may wish to add components to more simple designs over time to set up just the sort of multi bird feeder station that suits your needs and the birds that visit your yard. One of the first items I would advise considering is a squirrel baffle for those bird feeding stations that don’t come with one. 

Select a design that fits the upright pole diameter of your feeding station and be sure to set the baffle at least 4 feet above the ground. The entire station should also be set at a distance of at least 10 feet or so from the nearest tree or building in order to keep squirrels away if they are a problem in your area.  

Additional pole attachments are available if you would like to add more bird feeders to your station. If you are going to be feeding fruit or nectar at your station, I would advise setting up an ant moat above those feeders if your feeder does not already incorporate one. 

Final Thoughts

Setting up a bird feeding station in your yard is the easiest and most effective way to attract a variety of songbirds to where you can watch and learn more about them from the comfort of your home. 

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  1. When you look at the yosanger bird feeder station, it does seem quite nice. However when you are trying to put it together and 2 then 3 if the spots where the screws go in . Finally giving up on those pieces and put it outside. Not steady at all. I had to keep adjusting it so it wouldn’t hit my window. I can not see how this piece of crap got so many good reviews.


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