About Us

We created Seabird Sanctuary in 2019 to share our passion for all the feathered creatures out there. We, Donal from Florida and Chris from South Africa, call ourselves birders or birdwatchers. Both of us are always looking to tick yet another bird species off our lists. To help in your birding journey, we are sharing our birdwatching experience and tips.

DonaldAbout Donald

Growing up in rural Florida I’ve been immersed in nature since I was a child. Interest in birding is almost in my genes as both my father and grandfather have been active bird-watchers. A lot of birding knowledge (and equipment) has been passed on from generation to generation but my passion is also all things digital. I enjoy bird photography, writing and sharing my findings online with other twitchers a.k.a. bird-watchers.

ChrisAbout Chris

I’ve been a birdwatcher since forever! I’m passionate about wildlife and nature and I’ve been lucky enough to spend almost all of my adult life living and working on nature reserves, having the chance to spend countless hours out in the field, studying our feathered friends. I now find myself working from home, high up in the mountains and far from the madding crowd, exploring nature, and enjoying life. When I’m not writing, you can find me out in the wilderness with my binoculars around my neck, and sometimes with a fly rod in hand.