The Best Bird Seed in 2022 – Full Bird Expert Guide

Bird watching is an amazing hobby. More and more people all over the world are now trying this phenomenal pastime. You get to watch many birds flocking your property to feed, drink water, or simply mingle with other birds. Also, you can help them survive in this rapidly-changing world brought by the destruction of the environment. But before you can successfully lure different species of birds in your bird feeder, you need the best bird seed products to give them a reason to gather around.


However, choosing the best one is not easy, after all. You need to learn so many things first before deciding to purchase them. This way, you can determine if it’s worth spending money or not. If you want to know more about the popular brands of bird seeds and bird food in the market today, these top 10 products will provide you a valuable insight about them.

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6 Best Bird Seed in 2022 Comparison

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I. The 10 Best Bird Seed Reviews

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1. Wagner’s 76025 Four Season Oil Sunflower Seed – Best Wild Bird Seed Overall



For those who love bird watching, it is essential that you have a trustworthy bird feeder and nutritious bird seeds. If you are looking for a quality bird seed, this product from Wagner’s will surely give the best satisfaction.

This sunflower seed brand is my favorite so far. The shells are thin enough. Also, it has a high nutritional value, so the birds are always happy and full of energy. With this brand, birds are guaranteed to flock your bird feeder.

However, I have but one minor issue about this product. The leftover shells that the birds ignored were being sucked and clog my AC clogs.


  • The seeds are thin-shelled
  • Attracts wide-variety of birds
  • Has high nutritional value


  • Leftover shells become a debris that can clog ACs
In conclusion, I can say without hesitation that the Wagner’s 76025 Four Season Oil Sunflower Seed is an awesome product. The seeds are nutritious, thin-shelled so the birds always have an easy time eating it. If you need to give the birds in your area good seeds for your feeder, this one should be included in your shopping list. 
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2. Wagner’s 62034 Greatest Variety Blend – Best Wild Bird Seed Mix



Wild birds eat not just one particular seed. As a matter of fact, they do eat a wide variety of seeds in order to meet their required nutritional value. If you want to make your local wild birds come back in your feeder everyday, this mix of bird seeds from Wagner’s is the one for you.

This product is truly the best wild bird seed mix. The whole pack is comprised of 40% sunflower seeds and safflower seeds, peanuts, Nyjer seeds, and many more. Another positive feature of this product is its resealable pack. This way, I don’t have to transfer it to another container.

What I don’t appreciate about this product is that the seeds seem to expire so fast. Two days after opening this product, I found some molds and some insects inside the bag.


  • Offers a variety of seeds
  • Comes in a resealable Velcro pres-lok


  • The seeds expire fast
In a nutshell, I can say that the Wagner’s 62034 Greatest Variety Blend is an awesome birdseed product. This is truly a good product that can satisfy even the pickiest species of bird in your area. 
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3. Wagner’s 57075 Safflower Seed – Best Bird Seed for Cardinals



If you need the best bird seed for cardinals, this product from Wagner’s will help you attract more birds in your garden.

This bird seed pack is truly amazing! It is comprised of safflower, a favorite of the cardinals and other songbirds. It is full of nutrients and truly delicious. What’s more, squirrels leave this birdseed alone, meaning the cardinals can eat uninterrupted.

What I dislike about this is the fact that it gets moldy easily. Since the original bag is not resealable, the seeds get moist after it is opened. This compromises the quality of the seeds.


  • Packed with essential nutrients
  • Squirrels don’t touch it


  • Gets moldy easily
All in all, I can say that the Wagner’s 57075 Safflower Seed, 5-Pound Bag is an awesome product. It is nutritious, delicious, and most of all, squirrels leave it alone. If you want your cardinals to visit you more often, this is the right bird seeds that you should offer them.
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4. Kaytee Safflower Seed – Best Bird Seed for Songbirds



If you want to attract wild birds in your bird feeder, the best seed for songbirds that you should fill your bird feeder is the Kaytee Safflower Seed.

I really like this particular birdseed. The safflower seeds are very high in protein and other essential oils. Cardinals, grosbeaks, nuthatches, and chickadees really love munching the seeds in the morning. They are truly delightful to watch in my backyard.

If there is one undesirable thing about this brand of birdseed, it would be the fact that squirrels love them too.


  • The seeds are high in protein and essential oils


  • Squirrels love to eat it
All things considered, I can say that the Kaytee Safflower Seed is a delightful product. Wild birds are truly attracted to it, that’s why any bird feeder will be busy hosting them. If you want to see these birds flocking your feeder, make sure that you have it in your shopping list.
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5. Wagner’s 62050 Nyjer Seed Bird Food – Best Bird Seed for Finches



Bringing finches to your bird feeder is easy. This is if you have the best bird seed for finches. Fortunately, this is where you’ll find Wagner’s 62050 Nyjer Seed Bird Food useful.

This seed really brings all the birds in the area, particularly finches. My bird feeder is always full because of this brand. I can’t seem to stop watching these birds munch on fresh seeds from morning until dawn. After I’m done watching, I can simply reseal the bag to make sure that the seeds are fresh the next day.

What I don’t appreciate about this product is the fact that it is not moisture-proof. One cold day, I noticed that the seeds are kind of wet. This is because of the condensation and it really got my supply of bird seeds, and all of them nearly went bad.


  • Comes in a resealable bag
  • Attracts finches and goldfinches


  • The bag is not moisture-proof
Summing up the details above, I can say that the Wagner’s 62050 Nyjer Seed Bird Food is a good product. It can bring birds in your feeder and provide nutrition to the birds, particularly finches. If you don’t want to find another brand to offer your local birds, this one will surely satisfy you.
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6. Kaytee 100505655 Mealworms – Best Bird Food to Attract Bluebird



Attracting wrens, woodpeckers, and bluebirds can be challenging. This is because you need the best bird food to attract bluebird in order to make them come to your feeder. If you need a good brand of mealworms, Kaytee Mealworms is surely the one that you should look for.

I love this mealworm so much. It is not smelly and does not feel weird to touch. It can be offered alone or can be mixed together with bird seeds. Woodpeckers and some wren paid a visit and had a bite.

One negative thing about this mealworm brand is that birds don’t instantly find it enticing. I had to wait for about six hours before I could see them at least trying to eat it. The following morning, however, the wrens and bluebirds came back to feed some more.


  • Full of nutritional value
  • Doesn’t smell bad and doesn’t feel weird to touch


  • Does not instantly attract birds
To conclude, I can say that the Kaytee Mealworms is one of the best brands of mealworms in the market. It is highly packed with essential nutrients to keep birds stay healthy.
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7. Audubon Park 10427 11286 Black Oil Sunflower Seed – Best Bird Seed for Doves



If you are looking for the best birdseed to attract doves, this product is the one that will help you bring those lovely birds in your backyard everyday!

I love this product because it is a good quality sunflower seeds to provide them not just a snack,but also good nutrition. Another thing that I love about this product is that it’s triple-cleaned to prevent the spread of harmful elements that might be passed on humans.

What I don’t like about this product is how the seeds easily get moist. After opening the bag, the seeds would get moldy three days. I have to dispense all of it to prevent it from getting spoiled and useless.


  • Triple-cleaned
  • Stored in a heavy-duty bag


  • Easily gets moldy
After discussing the pros and cons of this product, I conclude that the Audubon Park 10427 11286 Black Oil Sunflower Seed is a phenomenal product. It really brings doves in bird feeder in flocks. If you love feeding birds, this is the birdseed product that you should have.
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8. Morning Song 11996 Black Oil Sunflower – Best Bird Seed to Attract Birds



Do you need the best birdseed to attract birds? If you still haven’t decided which product you should use, the Morning Song 11996 Black Oil Sunflower Wild Bird Food will keep your bird feeders busy all the time.

This product is very good for seed-eating birds who visit my garden. I find it very easy to dispense as the individual seeds do not stick to another. Also, the sunflower seeds are highly nutritious. This way, I have a happy and healthy birds that always come back for more.

What I don’t like about this particular bird seed brand is the amount of useless debris included in the package. I had to remove small wood chips, dried stalks, and dried leaves. Other than that, I can say that it’s a great product!


  • Attracts a widevariety of birds
  • Highly nutritious
  • Can be offered in a platform, tube, and hooper


  • Useless debris included in the package
Wrapping it up, I can say that the Morning Song is a good product to give to the wild birds. It is very nutritious and very easy to dispense. If you are looking for the perfect seeds to fill your bird feeders, this one will not disappoint you.
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9. Lyric Fruit & Nut Wild Bird Food – Best Bird Seed to Attract Blue Jays



If you need the best birdseed to attract Blue Jays to your bird feeders, the Lyric Fruit & Nut High Energy Wild Bird Food will help you achieve that.

Of all the bird seeds I have encountered, I consider this as one of my favorites so far. I like that it contains not just seeds but also dried fruits and nuts. This way, birds such as Blue Jays will have a wide selection of food to help them keep healthy all year long.

If there is one thing I don’t like about this product, it would be the incident when I found some dead maggots in the package. Because of this, ravens started to visit my bird feeders which drive the blue Jays and other wild birds away.


  • Comprised of seeds, dried fruits, and shell-free nuts
  • Highly nutritious


  • Dead maggots inside the package
All in all, I can say that that Lyric Fruit & Nut High Energy Wild Bird Food is a reliable product. Comprised of seeds, dried fruits, and shell-free nuts, it can attract a widevariety of birds into your bird feeders. 
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10. Pine Tree Farms Peanut Butter Suet Cake – Best Bird Food to Attract Woodpeckers



If you love to feed woodpeckers, but you hate replacing the contents of your bird feeders, then you need to have best bird food to attract woodpeckers. This suet cake from Pine Tree Farms will surely give you a comfortable time doing your hobby.

This product is very convenient for people like me who loves bird watching but hates refilling the feeder. The suet cake is made of beef lard and peanut butter. Also, this is very easy to use. Just hang it in the bird feeder and that’s it.

One ugly feature of this product is how brittle each suet cakes are. If you are not careful enough, it will easily break while you are placing it inside the bird feeder.


  • Filled with protein
  • Can be used to feed birds all year round
  • Easy to use


  • Brittle
In a nutshell, I can say that the Pine Tree Farms’ 6 Pack Pine Tree Farms Peanut Butter Suet Cake is a delightful product. It is very convenient to use; just hang it outside and the birds will feed on it. 
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II. What To Look For When Buying Bird Seed


There are many brands of bird seeds that are sold in the market these days. All of which tells their potential buyers that they are more beneficial compared to others. Unfortunately, only a few of these brands are really good for the birds.

If this is your first time choosing birdseed brand to use in your bird feeder, here are some tips to determine the best bird seed brand:

    Look for the brand that is trusted by many customers.

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of birdseed brands that are sold in the market these days. If you don’t know which ones to trust, you can always start searching online and reading best reviews about it. That way, you will learn about the pros and cons of having that product that could affect your decision.

    Search for the brand that offers more nutritional value.

It is undeniable that birds cannot find enough food in their habitat. This is because of the destruction that humans bring in the environment. The birds’ source of food slowly becomes depleted overtime, leaving them to scavenge for less nutritious food. If the bird seeds are very nutritious, these birds that frequent your bird feeders can live healthier.

    Mix proportions.

f you are choosing the product’s blend, you have to look for fillers such as corn, oats, and wheat. Always make sure that the seeds are all sunflower, safflower, Nyjer, and millet. Anything with a mix of fillers is definitely not worth your money.

    Choose the product that local birds in your area will enjoy.

First of all, you need to know the species of birds that roam in your area. If these birds are there all year round, then it is logical to purchase large supply of bird seeds or mealworms or them. If the birds that are attracted in your bird feeders are migratory birds, then you only need to purchase bird seeds and mealworms while they are around.

    Consider the packaging.

Bird seeds and mealworms need to be fresh at all times. If you are going to purchase a birdseed product in large quantities, it is best if the packaging used is a resealable one. This way, you won’t need to transfer the content into a separate container anymore. Besides, the freshness of the seeds or mealworms is always guaranteed.


This is the amount of seeds in grams. If you are the type who sets up many bird feeders in your property, then you certainly need more bird seeds to refill them.

    Check the ingredients.

Know if the brand that you have chosen is using harsh chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides to keep insects out. This way, the birds will not suffer poisoning and other adverse health-related issues later on.

Knowing which brand to purchase is truly tedious. With these simple guidelines, you can be sure that the birdseed brands that you will pick are the right one for the birds in your area. Bearing these guidelines will ensure that the birds are not only satisfied but also healthy and thriving at the same time.

III. Frequently Asked Questions


    What are the best bird seed brands?

Not all birdseed brands are created equal. Considering you have a specific requirement such as dryness, nutritional value, price, etc., these brands can help you achieve it.

Here are some of the best bird seed brands that you may encounter in your shopping:

  • Wagner’s. This brand offers a wide variety of bird food ranging from bird seeds, suet cakes, and mealworms.
  • Kaytee. This is another popular brand that birdwatchers choose. The seeds are always fresh, nutritious, and easy to dispense.
  • Audubon Park. This brand’s specialties are bird seeds and wild bird food. So if you want to feed wild birds mealworms, this is the brand that you should look for.

    How to make bird seed ornaments?

The holiday season is near. Everyone, even bird lovers, is getting ready for all the décor and gimmick they will have for the occasions. Some birdseed ornaments hang on trees, feeders, or porches as both ornaments and feeds.

The basic ingredients are bird seeds and binders (e.g. animal fat, honey, corn or sugar syrup, suet, and lard). Some add extenders like bread crumbs, nuts, and grains.

  1. In one bowl, mix all ingredients. Make sure they are dry.
  2. Place the preheated binders on a separate bowl. Let it cool for a little while.
  3. Slowly add the bird seeds and other extenders. Mix by folding the seeds in the binder.
  4. Repeat these steps until all bird seeds are mixed.
  5. On a tray, mold the mixture using cookie cutters.
  6. Place a string on the molded ornaments.
  7. Store in a cool dry place after air drying.

    What can birds eat besides bird seed?

For birds, seeds are a staple. But if the supply runs out or it’s just unavailable, then birds can eat almost anything that you can find in the backyard or your kitchen. They would also appreciate some helping of Go, Glow, and Grow foods.

Go. Birds can eat bread crumbs, noodles, rice and other grains, crackers, pastries, cereals, and suet cakes for their needed energy. Some can also have honey, jelly, potatoes and other root crops.

Grow. Insects, mealworms, and some dog or cat food can be food nutrient source for strong muscles and bones. Try to check first what’s available in your area, and then you can decide what to feed them.

Glow. Of course, birds can also be vegetable and fruit eaters. All the fruits that you can find planted in your backyard are acceptable as bird feeds, especially berries.

    What animals eat bird seed at night?

The usual competition for the supply of birdseed in and out of feeders is those that prevented by bird feeders. Of course, clever squirrels are the first ones on the list. Next are the other animals like skunks, chipmunks, mice, rats, hamsters, porcupines are other examples. The bats also eat birdseed, specifically at night, when they ‘just woke up’ and start roaming around. So next time you see these animals be sure to secure the feeds.

    How to make bird seed balls?

Essentially, birdseed balls are just like birdseed ornaments that are mold into a spheroid. Like the ornaments, the basic ingredients are bird seeds and binders. Do remember when preparing that the mass of bird seeds should be around three or four times as much as the binder. This would ensure that the molding is easy and that the shelf life of the balls is longer. You may put ribbons and another décor of your choice on the dried birdseed balls.

    How long does bird seed last?

The expiration or the ‘best before’ date of bird seeds usually depends on the amount of moisture it has. The higher the moisture, the faster it will become not ideal to feed on. Bird seeds will clump together. Molds and other harmful bacteria may already have grown on it. Birds might eat it and this is harmful to them.  Depending on the type of seed or seed mix available for feeding, the seeds can are ‘good’ within half a year to a year from buy and opening.

    Where to buy?

Bird seeds are specially-manufactured and formulated food. The process involved in making it is very sophisticated and up to standards. This is the reason why we have to buy the bird seeds.

If you are looking for a good birdseed to offer your local birds, you can find a wide range of it on your local pet stores. Other famous pet shops such as PetCo, Pets r Us, Pet Smart, and others offer these bird seeds and bird food. However, if your preferred brand is not available there, you can always shop with online stores. is one perfect example of online store where you are free to choose the perfect bird seed for your bird feeder.

IV. Conclusion

Bird watching is definitely not an easy hobby. Your bird feeders must use the best bird seeds in order to attract more wild birds. If you have it in your stock, you can surely have a wonderful bird-watching session. Also, you can help birds who are having a hard time looking for food to stay healthy at all times. If you don’t know what specific brand to purchase, you can use the reviews that we have above and determine if one of them actually suits your specific requirements. If you want to see many birds in your garden or property, you need to have the best seeds always ready for them.

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