Hanging Bird Feeder Guide 2023 – All You Need to Know

where to hang bird feeder

If you’re planning to hang a bird feeder in your backyard, your primary aim is to find a secure location to attract birds in large numbers. After all, that’s why you are installing a bird feeder in the first place, right?

So, how can you find the right location? If this is your question, you’re at the right place as this guide answers the two most important things – where and how to hang a bird feeder.

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Where to Hang a Bird Feeder

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Hanging bird feeders is not at all complex. However, there are a few things to consider if you want birds to keep coming back while bringing you hours of enjoyment as a birdwatcher.

Generally, the bird feeders come with a hook or loop so that you can directly hang them. But it’s more than just finding a place to hang them.

The two main factors to consider: the location is safe and secure for the birds, and you can see the bird feeder.

The following ideas can help you locate the perfect spot where you can hang the bird feeders. Choose a location that is:

  • Near trees or any such cover: If you want birds to visit your feeder frequently, you need to ensure that it is located in a safe and comfortable place. A convenient location is near trees, shrubs, or any such cover as they feel safe and secure from the predators and the changing weather conditions. Hanging the feeder near them can be used for both shelters as well as nesting – a bigger incentive for the birds to stay in your yard.
  • Non-windy: A non-windy location will provide shelter to birds and prevent their bird food from spilling. If you have a free-standing bird feeder, you can place it in your backyard’s non-windy area. In the case of bird feeders with hooks or loops, you’ll need to remove them during windy storms or any such extreme weather conditions to prevent damage.
  • Shaded: Keeping bird seed and all types of bird feed under direct sunlight can spoil them. Placing the feeder in a shaded area can protect all such nutritious food. Also, as feeders tend to get messy easily, it is essential to clean them regularly. A shaded area will only contribute to its cleanliness by safeguarding it from the natural elements.

Additionally, if you want the curious rodents called squirrels to stay away from your bird feeder, follow the 5-7-9 rule. It is believed that a squirrel cannot jump above 5 feet or across 7 feet from a tree or a building. It won’t take the risk of jumping down from a distance that is more than 9 feet from above.

So, placing your feeder at a place that follows this rule should deter them from causing a mess. Think of it as squirrel proof.

gray bird on black metal bird feeder

How to Hang a Bird Feeder

Again, this is important to ensure that a bird feeder is placed rightly as you have many options to choose from. However, the selection depends on the type of feeder and the size of your backyard. Following are some great options that you can consider hanging a feeder safely and securely:

Tree Branch Hooks

Trees are the prime feed location, and most feeders are designed to be hung. So, if you have trees in your backyard and at a location where it is favorable for birds, tree branches can serve to be a perfect place. However, be careful that you hung the bird feeder at a proper height. For this, it’s best to get an S-shaped hook with deeper curved ends, which will add stability and strength to hanging bird feeders.

Deck Hangers

If you have a deck in your backyard, it can be another convenient place for hanging bird feeders. Not only will they attract backyard birds, but they also provide a perfect location for viewing as a birdwatcher. As you’ll need a place to hang the feeder, it’s best to get deck hangers. You can also consider adding a pole or hooks on your deck’s railing if you wish to get a closer view of the birds.

Yard Feeder Poles

If you don’t have anything to hang a feeder on in your backyard, create a bird feeder stand with the help of a yard feeder pole. There are various pole kits available on the market. They come with different features like multiple hooks and squirrel baffle, so you have the option to create the perfect bird feeder stand at a convenient place of your choice.

Window Feeder

A window-mounted feeder is best if you like to have a close-up view of the visiting birds. Apart from a close view, a window feeder also offers a safe and secured area for your birds to feed peacefully. However, make sure that the feeder is at least 3 feet away from the window to avoid it crashing to the feeder placement. You may hang the feeder from a bracket or even use suction mounts to secure the feeders directly to the glass.

Hanging Brackets

Hanging brackets are versatile as they offer you the flexibility of installing a bird feeder anywhere you wish – in the building, inside your house, on a wall, or any other thing in your yard. All you need is a place that is sturdy enough to secure a bracket and hang a feeder from it. Hanging brackets are recommended for delicate feeders like oriole or hummingbird feeders.

Enjoy Birds in Your Backyard All Year Round with Hanging Bird Feeders

Now that you know where and how to hang the bird feeders for your feathered friends, you can get started by deciding the type of hanging bird feeder based on your yard size and which birds you wish to attract. Remember, location is the key.

Try choosing a place that is safe and secured for the birds– including weather and predators. Following the above guide will enable you to pick the right location for the bird feeder and attract your favorite birds in your backyard.

Happy birdwatching!

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