Blue Jay Vs. Bluebird: A Guide To Differences & Similarities

Blue Jay Vs. Bluebird:

There are many blue-colored birds in the world, and bluebirds and blue jays are often confused because they both have blue feathers and blue in their names. However, there are some key differences between blue Jay vs. blue bird that are easy to spot. Bluebirds are generally smaller than blue jays, timider, and conservative. Additionally, …

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Do Birds Fly At Night? Here’s A Surprising Answer

do birds fly at night

There are many mysteries in the natural world, and one of the most enduring is whether or not birds fly at night. For centuries, people have looked to the skies in wonder, trying to catch a glimpse of these elusive creatures. Although there have been occasional sightings of birds flying at night, it has been …

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Are Birds Cold Blooded? Here’s How They Keep Warm

are birds cold blooded

As the temperature begins to drop and winter sets in, many of us take refuge in our homes where it is warm and comfortable. But what happens to the animals and birds that are outdoors in these extreme conditions? Do they have somewhere to go to stay warm, or do they have special abilities that …

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Scary Birds: 12 Creepiest Birds In The World (with Photos)

Marabou stork

Birds can be pretty creepy creatures. They’re often associated with peace, love, and happiness. But there are a few birds out there that are downright spooky. Whether it’s their appearance, behavior, or habitat, these 12 birds are the creepiest of the bunch. Check them out! (Photos included) 12 Scary Birds In The World 1.Marabou stork …

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