Plastic Bird Bath: The 10 Best Options On The Market In 2023 Updated!

plastic bird bath

One of the very best ways to attract birds to your yard and garden is with a birdbath. Cool, fresh water is so important to birds, for drinking and for cleaning, and to see them playing in the water is such a delightful experience!

And a plastic birdbath is one of the smartest choices you can make – the best plastic bird baths are inexpensive, light and easy to move and set up, very durable and suitable for all kinds of weather, beautifully made and beautifully finished.

So let’s have a closer look at the best plastic birdbaths on the market today, in this 2022 buyer’s guide!

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What Are the Advantages of a Plastic Bird Bath?

Well, for a lot of people the main advantage is that plastic bird baths can be much, much less expensive than stone, ceramic, glass or concrete baths – or pretty much any other material.

Since they’re lighter, and you’re likely to get them online, plastic or polyresin bird baths can also be much cheaper to have shipped to you, saving you even more money. And once you get them, they are super-easy to move around and place anywhere in your yard or garden, and to move again if you want them in a different location.

And while they are light, the best polyresin bird baths can be as stable as stone, concrete or any other – the pedestal baths have well-designed wide bases and will stay put just as they are, and most of them will also have metal stakes for added stability, as well as the ability to fill them with sand or stones.

But for so many people, the most wonderful thing about the best plastic bird baths is their finish – modern plastics have such a beautiful look, with deeply saturated colors and nicely subtle effects, clean and solid details and a premium look and feel overall. And, perhaps most importantly, a good plastic birdbath will keep that finish – sometimes much longer than more expensive materials!

And yeah, considering the beauty and quality of the finish, the durability – in all kinds of weather conditions and for years and years – and the stability and usability of a well made plastic bird bath, we have to come back to the low, low prices!

What Kind of Bird Bath Should You Get?

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Our list of the best plastic birdbaths will include several different types:

  • Pedestal – a bowl birdbath which sits on its own included pedestal, stable and sturdy, and great to stand in a yard or garden, and the plastic ones can be extremely durable and impervious to even intense weather conditions.
  • Deck Mount – a simple birdbath that includes mounting hardware for solidly attaching it to a deck or rail, these will normally have a bowl that is easy to remove and clean. And while the mounting may be very secure, they can be easily removed and relocated.
  • Hanging – not as popular in plastic as they are in more heavy (and less “swingy”) metal or glass bowls, hanging baths are still a popular option. And while we’re only recommending one hanging plastic birdbath, it’s a surprisingly high quality bath (at a very, very low price) that really works well and that birds seem to love.
  • Ground – including removable legs, usually made of metal, these plastic bird baths are meant to be put on the ground, but can also be placed on any flat, stable surface, and can be moved around very easily.

You will often find that many deck-mount birdbaths also include hardware for post mounting or other solutions, and even legs for setting on the ground or on a bench or garden table – like the wonderful Farm Innovations heated birdbath below.

The most popular choice, though, seems to be the good old pedestal birdbath, a classic form and a familiar sight in so many gardens, and really so much better in so many ways when made from a high quality polyresin or other plastic material.

So let’s get into our top 10 recommendations for best plastic bird baths on the market today. And stick around, because at the end of the article, in a brief Bonus Section, I’ll talk a little about the best way to clean a plastic birdbath – spoiler alert: it’s super-easy!

Where Should Your Bird Bath Get Placed?

The position of your bird bath is very important. This is because a good location will attract more birds to your bird bath.

If you are someone who loves watching the birds sitting in your bird bath, then it’s best to place it where you can see it. It is also good to place it where the birds can easily find it.

There are other positions you can placed your bird bath, they include;

  • A Shady Position: This is a good position to place your bird bath. It helps keep the water cool and also evaporate it more slowly.

A perfect shade area is one with a shrub or a tree. The reason is that it gives the birds a place to sit to preen their feathers after bathing.

Also, the birds can sit on the tree to dry off and it also provides covering for them to hide under when or if necessary.

Nevertheless, try to avoid placing it directly beneath a tree or shrub. This is because the leaves of the tree or shrub could absorb the water and eventually decay.

  • A Feeding Station Position: The bird bath can get placed next to a feeding station. But avoid placing it directly beneath any feeders as this will result in food scraps and bird droppings accumulating in the water. Which ends up making the water dirty and unsafe for the birds.
  • An Open Area Position: This is another good position to place your bird bath. But if you own a ground-level bird bath, ensure to place it in an open area that is not surrounded by dense vegetation. The reason is that it will prevent predators like cats from sneaking up on the birds while they are bathing.

Finally, ensure the ground of the open area is flat and firm to help the bird bath maintain equal water level.

10 Best Plastic Bird Baths in 2022

Hanging Bird Bath, Bird Bath, Hanging Bird Feeder, Bird Feeder, 2 in 1 XXL Hanging Bird Feeder &...
Hanizi Bird Bath Deck Mounted Bowl 12 Inches, Balcony Railing Birdbaths Unheated, Bird Bath Fence...
Bits and Pieces - Gnome Relaxing Pool - Elf Birdbath Garden Art Statue - Outdoor Garden Decor...
API Heated Birdbath Heated Bird Bath with Mounting Hardware (Item No. 600)
Hanging Bird Bath, Bird Bath, Hanging Bird Feeder, Bird Feeder, 2 in 1 XXL Hanging Bird Feeder &...
Hanizi Bird Bath Deck Mounted Bowl 12 Inches, Balcony Railing Birdbaths Unheated, Bird Bath Fence...
Bits and Pieces - Gnome Relaxing Pool - Elf Birdbath Garden Art Statue - Outdoor Garden Decor...
API Heated Birdbath Heated Bird Bath with Mounting Hardware (Item No. 600)
Hanging Two in One - Includes Bird Bath and Feeder
Deck Mount
Bowl - Heated
1-2.5 Inches Deep x 12 Inches Wide
1-2.5 Inches Deep x 12 Inches Wide
6 ½ Inches Tall x 12 Inches Wide
2 Inches Deep x 20 Inches Wide
Hanging Bird Bath, Bird Bath, Hanging Bird Feeder, Bird Feeder, 2 in 1 XXL Hanging Bird Feeder &...
Hanging Bird Bath, Bird Bath, Hanging Bird Feeder, Bird Feeder, 2 in 1 XXL Hanging Bird Feeder &...
Hanging Two in One - Includes Bird Bath and Feeder
1-2.5 Inches Deep x 12 Inches Wide
Hanizi Bird Bath Deck Mounted Bowl 12 Inches, Balcony Railing Birdbaths Unheated, Bird Bath Fence...
Hanizi Bird Bath Deck Mounted Bowl 12 Inches, Balcony Railing Birdbaths Unheated, Bird Bath Fence...
Deck Mount
1-2.5 Inches Deep x 12 Inches Wide
Bits and Pieces - Gnome Relaxing Pool - Elf Birdbath Garden Art Statue - Outdoor Garden Decor...
Bits and Pieces - Gnome Relaxing Pool - Elf Birdbath Garden Art Statue - Outdoor Garden Decor...
6 ½ Inches Tall x 12 Inches Wide
API Heated Birdbath Heated Bird Bath with Mounting Hardware (Item No. 600)
API Heated Birdbath Heated Bird Bath with Mounting Hardware (Item No. 600)
Bowl - Heated
2 Inches Deep x 20 Inches Wide

HSWSMSZ Hanging Plastic Bird Bath & Bird Feeder 2 in 1 Set

Hanging Bird Bath, Bird Bath, Hanging Bird Feeder, Bird Feeder, 2 in 1 XXL Hanging Bird Feeder &...
  • Perfect Size: The Dimension of our bird feeder is 12.8" x12.8" x 15" with depth 1.5", which is larger than the other similar items you can...
  • Bird Feeder and Bird Bath Set: Come with three chains, can be used as either a bird feeder or a birdbath. And it can be a bird seed catcher...
  • Reliable QUALITY: Our sturdy bird feeders for outside are made of PP. It’s unbreakable in any weather condition. And it won’t rust if...
  • Easy To Hang : The hanging bird baths for outdoors with S-shaped hooks and 3 sturdy suspension chains, this makes the bird bath hanging more...
  • Bottom Drain Design: The holes on the bottom are big enough to let the rain through, but not too big the seeds fall out. It can keep seeds...

Hanging bird baths made from plastic or polyresin are not as popular as those made from metal or glass, and really, while plastic deck mount or pedestal bird baths can be as solid as stone or metal ones, the hanging variety in plastic can be a little unstable for the often rambunctious activity they host.

In fact, we are actually only recommending one on our buyer’s guide to the best plastic birdbaths, but really we had to include this super-inexpensive two-in-one set from SWSMSZ – ok, maybe the brand name could use a little work, but they do make a great product…

This is actually a two piece set, with a plastic bowl bird bath and a plastic bowl bird feeder, each with three metal chains and a hook for easy hanging. They are both larger than you might expect, and while they do move around a bit, especially with wind, the birds don’t seem to mind, and come to them all the time.

You can also put a brick or stone in the bowls to keep them more stable, and this also might help smaller birds use the bath, but they work great just as they come.

A very inexpensive plastic birdbath that is surprisingly well made and nice looking – and comes with a bonus bird feeder! – the SWSMSZ two piece set is an amazing value for the price – now if we can only get them to work on their name!

Hanizi 12 Inch Deck Mounted Bird Spa Birdbath with Sturdy Steel Clamp

Hanizi Bird Bath Deck Mounted Bowl 12 Inches, Balcony Railing Birdbaths Unheated, Bird Bath Fence...
  • Garden birds need water for drinking and bathing just as much as they need food. Hanizi deck mounted birdbath will provide this for them....
  • Hanizi birdbath bowl is sturdy and stable. Solid construction with premium quality finish, weather-resistant, prevent rust and long-lasting.
  • Easy installation and removal. No tools required. Deck mounted bird bath comes with an adjustable clamp that fits to decks up to 2 inches...
  • Durable plastic bowl detaches from the steel ring for easy cleaning and filling. This is very important for your convenience and the health...
  • A great gift idea for parents, nature lovers and children. This is a great choice for those who don't already have a birdbath fence in their...

A very basic but high quality deck mount bird bath, the Hanizi bowl spa has managed to become about the most popular and highly rated product of its type.

It is extremely easy to mount onto a deck, or many other places, and the bowl is specially designed to be even easier to remove – making cleaning and refilling a snap. And the mount is sturdy enough that even in storms and strong winds the birdbath will stay in place.

Ok, it’s really not much to look at – definitely some of the more expensive and more elaborate choices further down on our list of best plastic birdbaths are a lot prettier – or in some cases a lot cuter – but this is a well finished piece which will look nice anywhere, and is designed to be an ideal size and depth for a wide range of birds.

A great product overall, and at its super-low price the Hanizi Bird Spa is easily the best cheap plastic birdbath we’ve found.

Alpine Corporation TEC380 19″ Bronze Plastic Pedestal Birdbath

Alpine Corporation TEC380 Alpine 19" Bronze Plastic Birdbath
  • STUNNING BIRDBATH WITH BIRD AND FLOWER DESIGN: Gorgeously designed, quality birdbath is sure to attract feathered friends and create a...
  • SHALLOW SHAPE FOR FEATHERED FRIENDS: Shallow and wide bowl assures that multiple small birds can drink and bathe safely at the same time
  • BEAUTIFUL BRONZE FINISH: Natural bronze finish blends beautifully into nature and any outdoor habitat
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Durable PVC construction resists rust and damage from the elements while the sturdy base prevents the birdbath from...
  • IDEAL SIZE: Birdbath measures 19”L x 19”W x 34"H, the perfect size for your yard

A remarkably pretty and rich looking product made of strong, light and incredibly durable PVC, this bronze-finished Alpine birdbath is very stable and solid despite its light weight.

It’s also just the right size, almost three feet tall and about a foot and a half wide – not overwhelmingly large like some pedestal baths, but big enough for several birds to use it at once, and with a shallow design that makes it attractive and useful to a wide range of birds.

Founded over twenty years ago, Alpine Corporation makes some of our favorite bird baths – not just high quality plastic ones, but metal and ceramic as well. They are all beautiful, and beautifully made, and well worth checking out: Alpine Corporation Birding Products.

But you really don’t need to look much further than this one – their 19 inch bronze pedestal bird bath, which is a wonderful and lovely piece and the best plastic birdbath of its type we’ve found at this low price.

Gardman BA01281 Pedestal Bird Bath, Antique Copper Effect, 20″ Wide x 28″ High

Gardman BA01281 Pedestal Bird Bath, Antique Copper Effect, 20" Wide x 28" HighUnlike Alpine Products, mentioned just above, Gardman only makes one bird bath – but it is a real beauty, and a remarkably high quality piece for the price.

Actually you can get the Gardman pedestal bird bath in three finishes, with slightly different designs, but our favorite is the pretty antique copper bath, with fancy scrollwork at the base and a lovely and subtle scallop design on the bowl, and a finish that really does look like expensive copper.

The Gardman is also a very well designed and well made unit, with durable resin that resists all kinds of weather and conditions, and a stable base that can be made even more solid simply by adding water or sand into the post.

For the price, the 28 inch tall Gardman BA01281 is a remarkably high quality plastic bird bath, and will look great pretty much anywhere.

VIVOHOME 28 Inch Height Polyresin Lightweight Antique Outdoor Garden Bird Bath Green

VIVOHOME 28 Inch Height Polyresin Lightweight Antique Outdoor Garden Bird Bath Green
  • AN ATTRACTIVE ADDITION - This birdbath is designed with an intimate European royal style with a bronzed patina and a hollow base that makes...
  • DURABLE DESIGN - Made of high-quality PP material and covered with resin coating, this birdbath resists rain, water, and other weather,...
  • STURDY BASE - Equipped with 3 ground stakes to keep it in place, it is not easy to tip over; For additional stability, you can fill the...
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE - Constructed with simple components that make it easy to assemble; The bowl is easy to attach by screwing it onto the...
  • LARGE DIAMETER - This birdbath diameter is 20 inches, which will hold enough water or food for your lovely avians and butterflies to enjoy;...

Another great plastic bird bath for very little money – and one of the most popular and highest rated baths on our list of best plastic birdbaths – is the VivoHome 28 inch tall polyresin bath.

Available in four lovely finishes – bronze, copper, pewter and a nice green oxidized copper – these baths all share the same design, with simple but tastefully ornate figuration and an ideal size and depth to the bowl.

They are also remarkably solid, especially considering their material and height, and can be made even more stable by filling the post with sand or rocks.

I’d also like to point out a different option – the VivoHome Polyresin Birdbath Set with a brilliant solar powered fountain included in the package – a great way to keep the water fresh and make the bath even more attractive for all kinds of birds, and for just a little more money.

VivoHome makes only a few bird baths, but they are all wonderful and well made, and really pretty, and we recommend all of their products highly – see the VivoHome Birdbath Page. It’s easy to see why they are so popular and well liked!

Farm Innovators Model BD-75 3-In-1 Heated Birdbath, 75-Watt, Terra Cotta Color

Farm Innovators BD-75 All Seasons 3 in 1 Outdoor 14 Inch Heated Birdbath with 3 Mounting Options, 75...
  • HEATED BIRDBATH: 75-watt heated birdbath with 3 mounting options for incredible birdwatching all winter long; Dimensions (L x W x H): 15 x...
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: Terracotta powder-coated design offers added durability and longevity for use season after season
  • CLUTTER-FREE: Hidden electrical connection keeps your fountain stylishly clean without cable clutter
  • 3 MOUNTING OPTIONS: Includes hardware for 3 possible mounting options: deck post, clamp mount, and ground legs
  • INTERNAL THERMOSTAT: Thermostatically controlled heat runs only when needed, helping you save on your energy bill

A super high quality product from the wonderful folks at Farm Innovators, the 14 inch 3-in-1 heated birdbath is a great choice for colder climates. It includes hardware for mounting onto a deck or rail as well as a post, and can also be placed on the ground or a stable flat surface using the included legs.

The heater is safe and inexpensive to run, and has been tested down to -10 degrees fahrenheit (-23 celsius). The heater’s electrical cord can be stowed away when not in use, but either way this simple and well finished bird bath has a nice clean look.

The Farm Innovators bird bath actually has a metal frame, for added stability, but the bowl itself is plastic, which makes it even more durable in extreme weather, and light and easy to remove, fill and clean. That said, the metal parts are all powder-coated, and the whole thing should last and last.

A shallow bath, at just over an inch deep, it is great for even small birds, and the largish 14 inch width makes it good for large birds as well, and for several birds at once.

A superior quality product at a reasonable price, the Farm Innovators 3-in-1 heated birdbath will keep your birds happy all year long, and is highly recommended.

Bits and Pieces Relaxing Gnome Polyresin Birdbath

Bits and Pieces - Gnome Relaxing Pool - Elf Birdbath Garden Art Statue - Outdoor Garden Decor...
  • Our gnome is chilling out in a stone pool and enjoying the sunshine.
  • Fill with water to add some whimsy and humour to your outdoor spaces.
  • Place in any garden, patio, by the pool or any other place you need a little fun atmosphere.
  • Doubles as an adorable birdbath. Sculpted of hand painted polyresin to resist the elements.
  • Measures 30.5cm in diameter x 16.5cm tall.

Almost all of the birdbaths recommended in this article are certainly elegant and lovely pieces for your garden, but this Bits and Pieces polyresin bird bath is, well, not so much…

A darling and wonderfully fun design, with a relaxed elf kicking back in the earthy bowl and enjoying the water – don’t worry, he won’t scare away the birds – this great piece works so well not just because it’s cute, but because the fit and finish are really of the highest quality – much better, in fact, than you might expect for the price.

Meant for placing on the ground, on platforms, decks or benches, this plastic bird bath is only just over six inches tall, but a perfect 12 inches wide – not too big, but with plenty of space for lots of birds to enjoy, even with the gnome hogging most of the room.

If you love garden gnomes, this is definitely the bird bath for you, and even if you just like cute, well made products that will bring a smile to everybody’s faces, the Bits and Pieces bird bath is a wonderful choice, and a wonderful gift as well.

API Heated Birdbath Heated Bird Bath with Mounting Hardware

API Heated Birdbath Heated Bird Bath with Mounting Hardware (Item No. 600)
  • ICE FREE WATER - This heated bird bath keeps water ice-free all winter thanks to its fully enclosed heating element.
  • PLASTIC BIRD BATH - The bird bath is made of a durable weather-resistant plastic and measure 20" in diameter.
  • PROTECTED HEATING ELEMENT - This birdbath's heating element is fully enclosed and protected so that animals cannot come into contact with...
  • MOUNTING HARDWARE INCLUDED - The bird bath mounts to any deck railing or your own pole or pedestal (not included). Mounting hardware...

Lots of people love the idea of a plastic bird bath, but they may live in an area where a heated bath is a necessity – and even with some of the best plastic birdbaths you can get, adding a heater is not always a good plan.

Luckily you can get an absolutely fantastic birdbath – really, one of the very finest baths we’ve ever tried – that is designed and made with a high quality built-in heating element, to keep water from freezing, and keep birds happy, all year long.

The API heated birdbath is just a white plastic bird bath bowl – that is, there is no pedestal or stand included, but it does come with mounting hardware for a number of applications – pedestals, posts or poles, wooden railings, decks and more.

A full twenty inches in width, and a bit deeper than most others, this is a great bird bath not just for all seasons, but for all kinds of birds, and the well made electrical heater – UL and CSA listed – make it safe and reliable as well.

A great choice for colder climates, the API heated birdbath  is a wonderful product, the highest quality on all levels, and very highly recommended!

Bond Manufacturing Y97030 Fiberglass Birdbath, 29H 23.7W 23.7D, Brown

Bond Manufacturing Y97030 Fiberglass Birdbath

A superbly made fiberglass plastic birdbath from the experts at Bond Manufacturing, the Torrie bird bath is an elegant and high quality product in every way.

As solid as it looks, the Torrie is actually quite a bit lighter than you’d imagine, and really easy to move around and position, but will stay steady and stable and will stay put, without wobbling or falling over, and its large center column can be filled with sand or stones for added stability.

A large bird bath, nearly two feet across, this is a pretty substantial addition to any yard or garden, but it is fantastic for attracting and caring for lots of birds, and in fact the subtle and elegant style gives it that perfect balance between understatement and impact.

One of the best bird baths of any type or any material we have ever found, the Bond Torrie is a beautiful piece that will last for many years, and look as great all along as the day you got it.

Plow & Hearth Northwoods Sitting Moose with Antlers Birdbath

Plow & Hearth Northwoods Sitting Moose with Antlers Birdbath, Garden and Landscape Accent in...
  • Made of all-weather resin
  • Looks like carved wood
  • Moose shaped birdbath
  • Rustic style
  • No-maintenance decorative birdbath

We almost didn’t include the Plow and Hearth Moose birdbath, because of the raging, intense, highly emotional, contentious and controversial ongoing debate about whether resin is actually plastic.

Ok, so really there may not be a debate at all, and if there is it is probably not in any way raging, emotional or contentious, so by all means let’s throw the moose in! He is, after all, one of the most darling and loveable designs we’ve ever seen, as well as a really beautifully made product that may well last a lifetime.

And whether you think natural resin is a plastic or not, it has the same advantages – light weight, beautiful and lasting finish, easy movement and placement, low price and real durability in a wide range of conditions. And it is naturally sourced, which makes it even more attractive to some people than other plastics.

But however you look at it, the Plow and Hearth Northwoods Moose is a great bird bath – nearly two feet tall, it will definitely grab people’s attention, but won’t overwhelm any space, and is just the right size for attracting and delighting birds.

A premium product at a somewhat higher price, this is a fantastic bird bath, with the highest levels of material quality, fit and finish, and a piece you – and the birds – can enjoy for many years to come.

Bonus Section: How To Best Clean and Care For Your New Plastic Bird Bath

One might wonder why I want to write a section on how to clean a plastic birdbath, especially considering so much of the beauty of a good plastic bird bath is that they require very little care – they are durable and will hold up to even extreme weather, their finish will stay looking wonderful and they will last seemingly forever.

Still, keeping your new bath clean and clear is very important, and so I’d like to close with some hints and tips for keeping it as nice as possible, not only so that it looks great for years to come, but also (mainly!) for the health and happiness of the scores of new avian visitors it will surely attract to your yard.

Frequently Replace the Water

Keep the water in the bird bath fresh and clean, replacing it as often as possible. This is not only better for the birds, but prevents the buildup of sediment, minerals, dirt and gunk, making cleaning easier and less frequent.

And while you’re at it, don’t just half-heartedly rinse, but get out a high powered garden nozzle and really blast the bath (remember to take a deck mount or hanging bath down first, and to tip a pedestal bath on its side, to prevent damage).

  • Just make sure that you do this – and everything else we’re covering here – only when there are no birds around. It may be tempting to clean your bird bath in the heat of mid-day, but if you disrupt our feathered friends’ cleaning or drinking they may not forgive or forget.

Keep it Real

For normal cleaning and maintenance, or even deep cleaning, don’t use any synthetic detergents or chemical cleaners. This can be very bad for birds – even if you think you’re rinsing very thoroughly – and can also break down the finish and even the base material of your new bird bath.

The best solution is distilled or filtered water, 9 parts, with distilled vinegar, 1 part, and perhaps a touch of lemon or lime. We also really love Ecological Laboratories Bird Bath and Statuary Cleaner, which is soy based and very safe, and perfect for more deep cleaning as well as normal maintenance.

Light and Easy

When you are doing deep cleaning, again Ecological Laboratories Bird Bath and Statuary Cleaner is a great product. If you want to use what’s on hand, a paste of baking soda and water works great, but light and easy – use a soft cotton or microfiber cloth and don’t scrub too hard, so as to avoid scratching the surface or even removing the finish.

Don’t use any metal scrubbers, and if you use a plastic scrub brush go very softly – this takes longer, of course, but will keep your bird bath looking brand new.

  • It’s important to note that while many people and sites recommend using bleach to clean bird baths, it is corrosive to plastic, and is not a good idea. Again, vinegar and water is great in most cases, and baking soda and water used lightly for deeper cleaning. 

Rinse, Rinse and Rinse Again

Even with the best and safest products, or the most natural cleaners, birds can be put off by any remaining odors, and even some natural ingredients may not be healthy for them, so use a high-pressure garden nozzle to rinse as thoroughly as possible. And when you’re done thoroughly rinsing the birdbath, give it a thorough rinsing!

Keep it Cleaner Longer

By keeping water full and fresh, and really strongly rinsing each time you add water, you will find your bird bath will stay cleaner much longer.

You can also put it in a place where dead plant matter or lawn clippings, bird food, sap or other contaminants are less likely to fall into it – though keep it open and visible for the birds!

Also, again remembering to keep the bath as visible and accessible to birds as possible, you may want to keep it out of direct sunlight, since this will help prevent, or at least slow, the buildup of algae. 

Bottom Line

Words can’t stress enough how much happiness installing a bird bath in your garden will provide you each week.

Plastic bird baths will entice different bird species to your yard or garden and provide them with everything they require to keep coming back. Also, the plastic bird bath will provide your flying companions with clean water all year long.

So with the above mentioned plastic bird baths, choose a tough, long-lasting plastic bird bath that you can easily set up and also remove for routine cleaning. Also, choose a plastic bird bath that you can place at your preferred bird-watching position. Good luck.

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