9 Best Concrete Bird Baths. Reviewed By Birdwatchers (2022)

concrete bird bath

If you want to attract more birds to your property this year, setting out bird feeders should not be your only strategy. You also need to be putting out a good source of fresh water. Birds drink and bathe on a daily basis, so a concrete bird bath is like a magnet for our feathered friends. 

Unfortunately, solid concrete bird baths are very heavy and difficult to move around, so in this article, we’ll focus on bird baths that have that classic concrete look but are made from lighter, more modern materials. We’ll also take a look at some handy tips about where to set them up and how to keep them clean.

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6 Best Concrete Bird Baths Overview

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9 Best Concrete Bird Baths Reviews

1.Kante Lightweight Traditional Weathered Concrete Birdbath– Best Classic Design

concrete bird bath

This beautiful hand-crafted concrete birdbath from Kante features a classic flower in diamond design. This concrete bird bath is constructed from an eco-friendly mix of concrete and fiberglass that will stand up to all weather conditions. 

It also features a handy drainage hole and a molded base. It will attract plenty of birds to your garden or patio, giving them a great place to bathe and drink. 


  • Classic, traditional look
  • Good water depth for songbirds


  • The base footprint is quite small
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2. Arcadia Garden Products Grey Fiberclay Birdbath– Great All-round Concrete Birdbath 

concrete bird bath

This ornamental birdbath by Arcadia has an attractive floral design that combines aesthetics and functionality. It is made from a material known as fiberclay, which looks a lot like concrete, but is a lot lighter and easier to shift and assemble.  

Fortunately, this birdbath is very stable if the base section is filled with sand. The bowl holds a generous 160 fluid ounces of water, so it works great with a solar birdbath fountain, and you don’t need to refill it too often. 


  • Lightweight
  • Great ornamental design


  • Can blow over if not filled with sand
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3. Kante Traditional Flower Pattern Birdbath, Weathered Concrete– Best Traditional Design

concrete bird bath

This is another great concrete bird bath by Kante. This model features a smooth bowl without details, but an attractive ornamental base stand with leaf designs. 

As with their other designs, these vintage concrete bird baths offer the classic look in a much lighter modern material.


  • Vintage concrete bird bath look
  • Easy to clean concrete bird bath


  • Has a small base footprint
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4. Esschert Design Cement Bird Bath– Best Flat-Bottom Birdbath

Although this neat little bowl has the appearance of a concrete bird bath, it is actually made from a ceramic material. This bowl has a stepped floor, making it great for birds of various sizes to enjoy splashing around in.

This bird bath does not come with a stand and is perfect for setting out on patios with low walls. The 2 ceramic birds on the rim make this bath cheerful to look at, even when your feathered friends are away feeding. 


  • A stable bird bath that is not affected by strong winds
  • Cheerful design
  • Stepped floor design for smaller birds


  • Ceramic is brittle and can break if handled roughly
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5. Smart Living Home & GardenBirdbath – Our overall favorite concrete bird bath 

concrete bird bath

This concrete bird bath from Smart Living Home & Garden has a wonderful, rustic stone finish and is a lot more than just a simple bowl. This concrete birdbath holds 1 ½ gallons of water in a hidden reservoir. 

It includes a patented, built-in solar bird bath fountain that comes with 2 different fountain heads for a bubbling or fountain effect. This is especially attractive to your feathered friends and also helps to keep the water in the bath fresher for longer. 


  • Comes with a built-in solar fountain
  • Beautifully textured finish 


  • Cannot be used in freezing conditions
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6. Kenroy Home Rustic Outdoor Bird Bath With Wood Grain Finish– Most stylish concrete bird bath design

concrete bird bath

If you’re looking for a more stylish take on the traditional concrete bird bath, this model from Kenroy might be just what you’re looking for. This concrete-style bird bath has a stylish woodgrain finish that will look great in your yard. 

This elegant concrete bird bath also has a natural feel to it that will make your feathered friends feel right at home whether they are coming in to bathe or drink. 


  • Has a natural but stylish look
  • A scratch and fade resistant concrete bird bath


  • The material can be fragile
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7. WHW Bird Bath Bowl with 3 Sparrow Rim– Best For Patios

concrete bird bath

These small concrete bird baths from WHW designs feature lovely little sparrow designs with fantastic life-like detail. These bird baths do not come with a base and are perfect for setting on an outdoor table or a low wall around a patio or porch. 

Although this product looks like it’s made from concrete, it is in fact constructed from a modern polyresin material


  • Small size is great for patios and balconies
  • Delightful styling


  • Small water capacity
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8. Wildlife World Shenstone Bird Bath and Drinker Plate– Best Eco-friendly Choice

concrete bird bath

This attractive bird bath is designed to look just like a concrete bird bath but is in fact made from an eco-friendly material known as polyboo. This material is a combination of clay and recycled plastics. Polyboo is great for colder climates because it does not crack in the winter. 

This bird bath features a stepped design which gives even the smallest birds a safe level to bathe in. It has a low base which makes it perfect for setting out on a deck or patio. There you can watch the birds fly in to bathe and drink at their leisure. 


  • Constructed from an eco-friendly material
  • Can be left outdoors in the winter


  • Small water capacity
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9. WHW Whole House Worlds Bird Bath with 2 Snails– Most Charming Design

concrete bird bath

This very small bird bath makes a great accent for setting out on a table on the balcony. That doesn’t mean birds can’t actually use it, but this bath is suitable for small birds only. It has a charming design featuring two snails that are made to look like they are constructed of copper. 


  • Charming design
  • Great for decks, balconies, patios, and porches


  • Paint tends to peel off
  • Very small
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How To Clean Concrete Bird Baths

The best way to clean concrete bird baths is to use a brush to scrub off algae before it can become established. Use a soft bristle brush on painted and treated surfaces to avoid scratching and removing the coatings. 

Use warm, but never boiling water for the best results. Remember to avoid using toxic chemicals and soaps as any residue can be harmful to your feathered friends. A weak solution of about 9 parts water to 1 part vinegar can be very helpful for safely and effectively cleaning your concrete bird bath. 

How Often To Refill Bird Baths

You should keep your bird baths full so that your visitors are always guaranteed a drink of fresh water and a place to bathe when they fly in. Keep an eye on the water level to work out the routine that suits you best. 

If you have a large bird bath, or there are not many birds visiting, replace the water every few days to keep it fresh and prevent algae from growing. Using a solar bird bath fountain will keep the water moving, which helps prevent algae growth, but the splashing can also waste some water on windy days. 

Where To Put Bird Baths

Apart from choosing a spot where it is easy to see, there are also a couple of important points to help you choose where to put your concrete bird bath. These are:

  • Set your birdbath in the sun in winter. This helps prevent the water from freezing and the birds will enjoy bathing in the sunlight
  • Set your bird bath in the shade in summer. This keeps the water cooler and fresher for longer. The hot summer sun will also cause the water in the bath to evaporate pretty quickly. 
  • Set your concrete bird bath about 10-15 feet from a good cover. This gives the birds an escape route in case a hunting hawk decides to crash the party. This distance is also far enough to prevent birds from being easily stalked and caught by house cats. 

Where To Buy Concrete Bird Baths

It is usually best to shop for solid concrete bird baths at garden centers. The bird baths in this article make great lightweight substitutes that you can easily have delivered to your door and you can move them around yourself, to position them in the best places. 

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t already got a fresh water supply for the birds in your yard, now is the time to pick one up. All the concrete-style bird baths in this list make excellent choices, and the birds will love you for it. Happy bird watching!

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