Best Glass Bird Bath: Review Of Our Top Picks (2022 Update)

glass bird bath

Not a fan of the typical sturdy stone bird baths? There is a bird bath option perfect for you – a glass bird bath is a more chic and artistic-looking choice to provide the much-needed fresh water source for your feathered friends. 

There are numerous beautifully designed or even handcrafted glass bird baths on the market. While more fragile than their cement or metal counterparts, glass bird baths can be just as durable and long-lasting if well taken care of. It can be even easier to clean (sometimes even dishwasher-proof) and refill due to the fact that the glass bowl is often easily detachable. 

I’m a supporter of online shopping and enjoy browsing all things birdwatching-related. If you’re looking for a new glass bird bath addition to your yard, I’ve narrowed down the best options online in 2022.

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When taking into account design, functionality as well as the popularity and reviews, here’s a list of the 6 best glass bird baths out there:

6 Best Glass Bird Baths Overview

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Review Of 6 Best Bird Baths

1. MUMTOP 26 Inch Height Glass Birdbath: Amazon Best Seller

MUMTOP 26 Inch Height Glass Birdbath

When looking for an online purchase I always tend to trust the most sold and best-rated products. This glass bird bath is enjoyed and praised by hundreds of happy customers. People praise its stunning looks with vivid colors and good-quality materials. It has a handmade glass birdbath bowl decorated with a beautiful pattern and stainless metal stake with a three-pronged bottom.

You can choose from 3 color options: red, green or my personal favorite – blue. The glass bowl is around 11 inches in diameter and 1-2 inches deep while the stand will make the bird bath around 21 inches tall. It’s a standard size for glass bird baths and perfect for attracting small birds to your yard.


  • Bright, colorful glass bowl
  • Great quality and price ratio
  • 3 color options


  • Bowl size suitable only for smaller birds
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2. VCUTEKA Hanging Bird Bath: Best Hanging Glass Bird Bath

Out of all the hanging glass bird bath bowls, this climbed to the top of the list due to its quality build and beautiful design that’s backed by close to a 5-star rating on Amazon. This glass bowl comes in 2 color options – a pink flower and a blue peacock pattern. Its exquisite handwork is made of durable glass and comes with metal chains and a hook to easily hang it up on a tree or bird feeding station.

As the bird bath bowl is handmade each will be unique with its own special character. Bowl is the standard 11-inch size and it’s a breeze to clean and refill it. 


  • Handcrafted glass bowls that come in 2 color options
  • Highly rated on Amazon for its looks and quality
  • Easy to clean and refill


  • The chain could get a little rusty after a while
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3. MAGGIFT Solar Powered Bird Bath: Best Solar Powered Option 

MAGGIFT Solar Powered Bird Bath

A garden decoration, outdoor lighting and a source of fresh water to birds all in one? MAGGIFT solar glass bird bath can be a perfect choice. It’s a source of outdoor lighting with no electricity required and it’s still easy to set up and start enjoying in your garden. On a sunny day, the little solar panel receives enough energy to power the lights for around 8 hours at the night. 

While solar lights are a great feature, let’s not forget that it’s still a bird bath. The glass bowl is around 11 inches in diameter and has an amazing peacock pattern. That alone is worth the purchase. 


  • Comes with a solar-powered light
  • Water-resistant solar panel
  • Has a beautiful peacock design


  • Their glass plate can be a bit fragile
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4. Evergreen Garden Iridescent Succulent 18 inch Glass Bird Bath Bowl: Best Glass Bird Bath Bowl

Evergreen Garden Iridescent Succulent 18 inch Glass Bird Bath Bowl

If you’re looking for a large glass bird bath bowl that could attract some medium-sized birds to your garden, Evergreen Garden bird bath bowl tops my list. It has an 18-inch diameter bowl made from high-quality glass. It will be a great decor for gardens, patios, porches and yards of all shapes and sizes. 

You will for sure be able to find the design that fits your taste as there are 12 color options available. It’s not easy to choose your favorite. There’s also no assembly needed, this large glass bird bath bowl comes well packaged and ready to be put in your yard.


  • 12 color options
  • Large size
  • No assembly needed


  • Some color options might not be always available
[amazon box=”B07L5352TK”]

5. MUMTOP Solar Glass Bird Bath: Large Standing Glass Bird Bath

Among some of the larger glass bird baths this stands out with its quality build. MUMTOP glass bird bath is made of high-quality glass and comes with a durable steel rust-proof stand to use for many years under various weather conditions. This 18-inch large glass bird bath also has a solar light in the middle. 

You have 6 color options to choose from with designs mimicking a turtle, peacock, hummingbirds and more. The manufacturer MUMTOP also is known to have good customer service, so they will be quick to reach in case of any questions. 


  • Large glass bowl
  • 6 nature-related color options
  • Good customer service


  • Can be more difficult to handle due to its size
[amazon box=”B088H6HS8C”]

6. Glass Birdbath with Stand – 24 Inch Mosaic American Flag Pattern: To Show Your American Pride

It doesn’t have to be the 4th of July to show off your American pride – this US flag glass bird bath will decorate your garden year-round. It will attract various kinds of smaller birds to its colorful mosaic pattern glass bowl. It has a medium-sized stained glass bowl 16 inches in diameter. 

In the reviews section, people compliment its high-quality materials and bright colors. A nice little touch is that this stained glass bird bath comes with one free issue of “Birds, Bath and Beyond” magazine. 


  • US flag pattern mosaic
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Medium-sized glass bowl


  • More on the pricier side
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Final Thoughts

Glass bird baths are undeniably one of my favorite birdbath types. Especially if you’re looking to add a pop of color to your garden this is a perfect choice. While one of the best-sold bird baths is the MUMTOP 26 Inch Height Glass Birdbath my personal favorite might be the MAGGIFT Solar Powered Bird Bath with its colorful design and sun-powered LED light on top.

I hope you found your top choice and soon will enjoy birds visiting your garden. Happy birdwatching! 

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