10 Best Solar Bird Bath Fountains: Expert’s Buyers Guide in 2022

It has been said many times that if you want to attract wildlife to your place, you should make your area more enticing for them. For instance, if you want birds to flock to your bird bath and feeders, you should use accessories. Flowing water sparkles in the sun because of the movement, which catches the eyes of birds frequenting your area, and even those just passing by.

To make water flow in your bird bath with minimum intervention on your part, you can equip your garden with a solar bird bath fountain. As a solar fountain, you wouldn’t have to plug the device in; it will work purely on solar power. It also requires minimal maintenance tasks. Once you get yours, set it up and leave it in your bird bath. It will work its magic once the sun shines on the panel.

Best Solar Birdbath Fountain

But before getting one, there are several factors you should look into, which we will discuss later. One of the most important considerations is the size of your bird bath. You wouldn’t want to get a solar fountain that does not fit a bird bath, right? So make sure you check the size of your bird bath (and its style) before buying one.

So if you are keen on getting a solar bird bath fountain right now, here are my top recommendations.

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Top 1o Best Solar Bird Bath Fountain Reviews

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1. Solatec Solar Fountain

Solatec-Solar-Fountain Check Price Now

This is one of my favorite solar fountains. Its circular solar panel is wide and captures a lot of sunlight. The pump is really strong, so the water can go up to two feet high during really intense sunny days.

What I love most is that it has four types of spray heads, so you can try a different one if you are not satisfied with the first one you’ve tried.

The only thing I don’t like about this product is that it is very lightweight. Sure, that’s great for floating, but it also easily floats to the side of the bird bath whenever the wind blows.


  • Has four nozzle heads for different spray styles
  • Has a wide, circular panel that matches my bird bath


  • Too lightweight that it gets easily pushed by the slightest wind
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2. Lewisia Solar Bird Bath Fountain

Lewisia-Solar-Bird-Bath-Fountain Check Price Now

This solar fountain by Lewisia is one of the most powerful fountain pumps I’ve tried. What’s great about this standing pump is that you can place the bird bath in the shade and the fountain will still work. Why? Because its solar panel is separate from the pump. With its ten feet long cord, I can place the panel in areas with lots of sunshine, and allow the bird bath to be enjoyed by the birds in the shade.

However, the solar panel is very sensitive. If there is even the slightest shadow covering the panel would cause it to stop.


  • Doesn’t get blown away by the wind
  • Has various nozzles that you can use in combination with each other for varying spray styles
  • Fountain can be placed in the shade


  • The slightest shadow cast on the solar panel will cause the pump to stop working
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3. Biling Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump

Biling-Solar-Bird-Bath-Fountain-Pump Check Price Now

Free-standing fountain pumps are great for tall bird baths. However, if you live in a place where you will only get sunshine for a limited time and afterward trees tower over your bird bath (like some of mine), then you would need a solar pump that has a built-in battery.

This solar pump by Biling definitely saved me in this case. It has an 800 mAh battery, which allows my fountain to work a couple more hours after the sun has set. Also, it never stopped working in the middle of the day, even when the sky is overcast.

The only thing I don’t like about this bird bath fountain is that the pump can be too powerful that it sucks in a lot of debris. I had to the filter twice a week to keep it running smoothly.


  • Has a built-in battery that keeps the pump powered up
  • Creates powerful water sprays


  • Pump is too powerful that it sucks smaller debris in
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4. Viajero Latest Upgrade 2.5W Solar Fountain Pump for Bird Bath

Viajero-Latest-Upgrade-2.5W-Solar-Fountain-Pump-for-Bird-Bath Check Price Now

This is another solar fountain that I love for having an internal battery. It is seven inches in diameter, which is perfect for one of my bird baths.

What I love most about this product is its safety shutdown feature. One of the frequent causes of breakdown for a water pump is clogging. Sometimes you can remove the clogs, sometimes you can’t, causing the pump to still try to suck it in and end up destroying itself. With this fountain, I would already know there’s something wrong when it stops working.

This also works even when the solar panel is partially covered, unlike other pumps that would immediately stop when there’s a leaf covering part of the panel.

The only downside to this item from Viajero is that restarting takes a bit of getting used to. When you clean it, of course, it will stop working since it won’t be placed directly in the sun and the pump is not submerged in water. I had to try a few times to restart it.


  • Has a built-in battery
  • Works even when there is partial shading
  • Has an auto-shutdown function when there’s debris or if there’s too little water


  • Restarting is not easy
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5. Smart Solar 23941R01 Ceramic Solar Cascade Fountain

Smart-Solar-23941R01-Ceramic-Solar-Cascade-Fountain Check Price Now

If you are looking for something different yet beautiful, this bird bath from Smart Solar is a great choice. This item doubles as a bird bath and fountain. You won’t need to purchase a separate bird bath for this one as it is a complete set.

What I love most about this bird bath with cascading water is its make. It is a wonderful design piece in my garden. The serene water flows steadily and doesn’t have any weird vibrations and sounds. The birds are really taken in by the natural-looking flowing water.

What I dislike about this solar-powered cascade fountain is that I couldn’t use it during the winter. It is made of ceramic after all and will crack when water freezes over.


  • Made of beautiful red ceramic clay
  • Gorgeous fixture for any garden
  • Comes with a separate solar panel so the bird bath/fountain can be placed in the shade


  • Cannot be used during the winter
[amazon box=”B004BJ29GY”]

6. Tranmix Solar Bird Bath Fountain

Tranmix-Solar-Bird-Bath-Fountain Check Price Now

This device from Tranmix is very similar to other floating solar fountains. What sets this apart is that based from experience, this one starts quicker than the rest. While with other solar fountains, you’d have to wait a couple of minutes for the magic to start, with this one, just a few seconds will do.

The pump is very powerful that when the sun is directly shining on it, the water fountain can go as high as 50 cm! The only downside to having such a powerful fountain motor is that it can quickly drain the water if you have a small bird bath. So I wouldn’t recommend this to those who have a bird bath with just about 12 inches in diameter. This is definitely for bigger bird baths only.


  • Works in just a few seconds
  • Can spurt water really high during really sunny days


  • Recommended for bigger bird baths because the fountain can quickly drain the water of smaller ones
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7. Hiluckey Solar Bird Bath Fountain with Battery Backup

Hiluckey-Solar-Bird-Bath-Fountain-with-Battery-Backup Check Price Now

I would definitely recommend a solar bird bath fountain that includes a battery. It’s because you can still expect the fountain to work even when a shadow falls over the panels. This is why I have tried multiple solar panels with batteries. This one from Hiluckey is no exception.

Even when there is very little sunshine, this solar pump still continues to work. It comes with several nozzles to choose from so you will have a “spraying variety”. Since I used this in a smaller bird bath, I chose a nozzle that sprays narrowly to prevent the water from getting sprayed out of the basin.

The best thing about this product is that it comes with a 30-day replacement guarantee and a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. The only negative aspect of this item is that the suction cups don’t seem to work.


  • Has several nozzle variants
  • Has a built-in battery
  • Includes a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one year warranty


  • Suction cups don’t stick
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8. AMYER Solar Bird Bath Fountain

AMYERSolar-birdbath-Fountain Check Price Now

The AMYER Solar Fountain is one of the cutest solar fountains I’ve ever purchased. Its solar panels are shaped like a flower, unlike others that are either circular or rectangular. This adds interest to the bird bath.

It hardly makes a sound when it’s working, unlike other pumps that vibrate really loudly. This is good as it doesn’t disturb the birds when they do come to take a bath or a sip.

This is also one of the strongest pumps I’ve had, as it can go as high as three feet during midday! The kids love it. But with a strong pump also comes a strong suction. This causes the suction tube to clog very quickly.


  • Water spray can go as high as three feet under the noontime sun
  • Has an interesting floral design
  • Works quietly
  • Comes with a variety of nozzles


  • Clogs quickly
[amazon box=”B07QFKDFJX”]

9. Flantor Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump 2.4W

Flantor-Solar-Bird-Bath-Fountain-Pump-2.4W Check Price Now

I’ve tried many solar fountains, but this one definitely counts as my favorite. Why it works even during the night! Aside from that, it comes with LED bulbs that light up the fountain. It is a very beautiful addition to my garden. Not only do wild birds love it, but so do my family and my guests.

As you may have guessed, it comes with a built-in battery that charges up during the day and produces power for the pump and the lights at night. I placed it at my central bird bath, in the middle of the garden, because of the lights.

The only downside to this product is the usual problem with floating fountains — the suction cups don’t work well. If it did, this would have been perfect.


  • Has a built-in battery
  • Comes with LED bulbs that light up at night
  • Pumps water up nicely


  • Suction cups don’t work as expected
[amazon box=”B07SYJXQ44″]

10. lailme Solar Powered Fountain Pump for Bird Bath

lailme-Solar-Powered-Fountain-Pump-for-Bird-Bath Check Price Now

If you have bird baths that are pretty deep (more than four inches deep), then this solar fountain from Lailme is a good choice. This floating fountain works great when its pump is submerged deeply enough, which is about three inches or more.

It comes with different nozzles that you can connect together to experience different spray types. I experimented with the best one for my mid-sized bird bath since based on experience; the higher the water shoots up, the easier it is for the water to dry off.

My biggest peeve is that the suction cups are too small! They can hardly attach to metal basins, how much more for granite or ceramic bird baths? In any case, since I expected this with floating fountains, I used strings to tie it down with weight so it stays in the center.


  • Shoots water up powerfully
  • Comes with several nozzles that you can combine


  • Suction cups are too small and don’t work at all
  • Works in deep bird baths only
[amazon box=”B07TLY4J7T”]


What To Look For When Buying Solar Bird bath Fountain

Buying guide Solar Birdbath Fountain

When buying solar bird bath fountains, it is important to follow a set of guidelines. This will help you decide better, even with different characteristics and types of solar fountains. I have tried many solar fountains, and with my experience, I have narrowed down a set of characteristics on what to look for. These are:

The Right Size

This depends largely on your bird bath. Make sure to measure your bird bath first to avoid buying the wrong size. A solar fountain that is small can still work, but one that is too big will not only not fit in your bird bath, it may not work properly. Measure your bird bath first before purchasing a fountain to make sure it fits.

Panel surface area and capacity

Usually, the larger the solar panel, the higher it’s capacity. This means the better the water flow and even sometimes the higher the water spurt. A large panel surface area also means the fountain may still work even when a part of it is already covered with shadows. However, there are products that no longer work when a part of the panel is shadowed over, so make sure you check this, too. If you are placing the bird bath right at the center of your yard, with little to no tree branches or roofs that can cover it, then you would have no issues.


Most of the solar panels available are either polycrystalline or monocrystalline. Monocrystalline ones are more efficient but are also more expensive. When it comes to solar bird bath fountains, they are usually made of polycrystalline panels.

Now the other parts of a fountain include the pump and the attaching tool. These are usually made of plastic, but choose one with thicker and more durable plastic such as PVC.


Some fountains work just as pumps to keep water flowing. Others spurt water upwards and sideways. The ones with the spurting water sideways must only be used in a bird bath deep enough to prevent water from simply falling outside of the basin.


Of course, price is one of the biggest factors I look into. I choose a product with an equal balance of feature, make and price. I also take the warranty into consideration, if they have one.

I choose the right balance of all these characteristics. I say so because sometimes better materials equal better performance and durability. Not all the time though, so I look into each product carefully and also listen to other people’s comments and recommendations before I purchase.

Other Important Factors To Consider

Solar Birdbath Fountain

What is a Solar Bird Bath Fountain?

A solar bird bath fountain is a tool that sprays water upward from the basin of the bird bath. It is actually just a small fountain that is powered by solar energy, instead of home electricity.

How does it work?

It is powered by a miniature solar energy system that generates electricity for the pump when the sun shines on the solar panels. The solar panels capture solar energy and convert them to heat and electricity. The pump then receives the electricity it needs to start its motor.

Such devices do not have batteries, so if there is no sun, the fountain will stop working.

What are the different types of Solar Bird Bath Fountain?

The two most common types of solar-powered fountains are:

  1. Floating fountain – This is the most common type. The whole unit comes with solar panels attached to the pump and nozzle. This usually comes with suction cups so it can be stuck to the bottom of the bird bath to prevent it from floating to the sides.
  2. Standing fountain – This type has a separate solar panel that sends electricity to the pump through a wire. This is a great choice if you want to place the bird bath with a fountain in a shaded area, with just the panel placed directly under the sun.

Why do you need Solar Bird Bath Fountain?

Why do you need a bird bath fountain in the first place? For three things:

  1. To attract wild birds;
  2. To improve your garden’s aesthetics; and
  3. To prevent insects from using the water as a breeding ground.

Now, why should you get a solar-powered fountain? It’s because this type eliminates the need to connect the fountain to your home. There will be no wire that is a tripping hazard for adults and children. Also, you would be using renewable, green and clean energy, which is great for our environment.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most popular solar bird bath fountain brands?

The best brands for solar bird bath fountains come from a mix of solar-powered manufacturers, garden accessory companies, and pet brands. The following are the most popular brands for this item:

  • Solatec
  • Lewisia
  • Biling
  • Viajero
  • Smart Solar
  • Tranmix
  • Flantor

How to assemble solar bird bath fountain?

This depends on the type of fountain you have. If yours is a floating solar fountain, then all you need to do is attach the nozzles to the center of the device at the top. It’s then ready to be placed in your bird bath.

If what you have is a standing solar fountain, then you need to put together the pump and nozzle first, and then attach the pump’s wire to the solar panel. Once ready, you can then place the pump in the bird bath and the solar panel in a sunlit area.

Why does my solar bird bath fountain not work?

There may be several reasons for this. Here are some possibilities:

  1. The solar panel is not receiving enough sunshine. For the fountain’s motor to work, it requires a specific amount of continuous energy. If there is little to no sunshine, the motor will not startup. Here are your solutions:
    1. Check that the sun is shining fully on the panel and that it is not being shadowed over.
    2. See to it that there is no item on top of the panel, such as twigs and leaves.
    3. Clean the panels to remove grime, mold and dirt build-up.
  2. There is a blockage inside the fountain’s tube. If the sucking tube is blocked, the fountain will not be able to pump up water. Small items might have been sucked in, so check if there are insects, leaves and other miniature stuff inside and remove them.
  3. There is a connection problem. Sometimes the issue is the wire getting disconnected from either the panel or the motor. Check that it is connected properly.
  4. There is a problem with the fountain’s motor. This could be that the dynamo inside the fountain is no longer working, or it has rusted over, or the motor simply short-circuited. This is usually the case if there is no problem with the panel, wire, and tube. If this happens, it’s time to replace the bird bath fountain as fixing the motor may be more expensive than getting a new one.
  5. The water level is too low. The pump must be fully submerged in water for it to be able to suck water in and spray it out at the top. If there is very little water, the pumping action won’t work properly.

Where to buy?

Solar bird bath fountains can usually be found in home improvement shops and pet stores. The superstores you can look into are Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowe’s Home Improvement, Pet Co. and Pet Smart.

Aside from these walk-in stores, you can also purchase a solar fountain online. The most popular source would be Amazon.com. Not only do they ship to your home, but you may also even receive your order the next day. Now that is hassle-free buying.


Aside from attracting birds into the bird bath, a solar fountain can help keep the water moving, preventing insects and mosquitoes from laying eggs and reproducing. In essence, it prevents insects from using the bird bath as a breeding ground.

You can also use your bird bath as the central attraction in your garden, with the help of the best solar bird bath fountain. Although it needs minimal maintenance, make sure to check it from time to time to get rid of the clogs, grime and other dirt that may cause your bird bath fountain to malfunction. If you do, this small fountain will last you a long while.

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