Best Hanging Bird Baths: Birdwatchers Review 2022

hanging bird bath

Providing a good fresh source of water for birds to drink from and bathe in is one of the most rewarding ways to attract birds to your yard. I love watching the birds that visit my bird bath, and the variety of different types of birds it attracts never fails to impress. One of the great things about bird baths is their ability to attract all sorts of different birds, regardless of what they eat. 

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6 Best Hanging Bird Baths Comparison

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Best Hanging Bird Baths: Birdwatchers Review 2022

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Top Hanging Birdbath Picks

1. Willow Leaf Design Hanging Bird Bath

hanging bird baths

An elegant, leaf-inspired hanging bird bath like this piece made by 3willow combines both form and function while being made durable and tough. The floor of this hanging bird bath provides a well-textured surface that birds can grip, while not being too difficult to clean effectively. This bird bath is both weather-proof and rust-proof, to keep birds visiting for years.  


  • Durable material that will not break easily
  • Suitable for cold areas


  • Iron will rust if the coating ever wears off
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2. Good Directions BBH Pure Copper Hanging Bird Bath

best bird bath

I love the classic, vintage appeal of this hanging bird bath. It has a beautifully crafted solid copper bath hung by a brass hook and chains. Made from 22 gauge pure copper, which is a natural disinfectant, the water in this bath stays cleaner for longer. This hanging bird bath combines aesthetics and durability to provide an attractive feature in the garden that birds will enjoy for a long time.


  • Pure copper with no coating is tough and easy to clean
  • Copper is a naturally antimicrobial material 


  • Copper might dull in time
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3. Achla Designs Crackle Glass Hanging Birdbath

bird bath bubbler

This sparkling hand-blown glass hanging birdbath makes an attractive feature in any garden. What I like about this design is that the bath itself is easily detachable from its hanging frame

The metal components of the hanging frame are bronze powder coated for improved weather resistance. Being made of glass, this large bird bath is, of course, more fragile than those made out of more flexible materials. 


  • Beautiful and ornamental bird bath
  • Holds a lot of water
  • Bath is detachable from the frame


  • Must be protected from cold 
  • Potential to break 
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4. Monarch Abode Hanging Hammered Copper Bird Bath

stone bird bath

This ornamental hanging bird bath is supported by a very sturdy black coated iron frame and chains. This product has a simple but elegant design, and the fact that the bath can be easily removed from the frame is very handy for cleaning. The bath itself is constructed from pure copper, a highly durable and naturally microbe-resistant material.


  • Attractive ornamental design
  • Bath is made from solid copper which is a very durable material


  • Chains may rust in time
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5. VCUTEKA Outdoor Glass Peacock Hanging Bird Bath 

large bird bath

Add beauty to your surroundings with this hanging glass bird bath by Vcuteka. The exquisite peacock feather-inspired glass bath is supported by durable steel chains and an innovative hook system that is said to improve stability. Being a glass bird bath, this product is naturally more fragile than those made of tougher materials.


  • Vividly colored glass bath is highly ornamental
  • Innovative hook system


  • Glass may break if handled roughly or exposed to extreme temperatures
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6. MUMTOP Sunflower Hanging Glass Bird Bath 

hanging glass bird bath

This cheerful sunflower-inspired hanging glass bird bath is both weather and rust-resistant. The bath is supported by durable steel chains and an innovative hook system that is said to improve stability. Being a glass bird bath, this product is naturally more fragile than those made of tougher materials.


  • Vividly colored glass bath is highly ornamental
  • Innovative hook system


  • Glass may break if handled roughly or exposed to extreme temperatures
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7. Whitehall Products Oakleaf Hanging Birdbath, Copper Verdi

 hanging bird bath lowes

This US-made hanging bird bath is made from highly durable aluminum, with a classic copper verdigris-colored finish. This is a larger bird bath that is made to be solid, rather than lightweight, so bear this in mind when looking for a good spot to hang it. The bath itself has an attractive oak leaf design. 


  • Very solid birdbath
  • Ornamental design


  • Very heavy for a hanging bird bath
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8. Audubon 12″ Hanging Bird Bath 

bird bath hanging

This hanging bird bath by Audubon is about the closest hanging option you’ll find to the traditional stone bird bath. Although this bath is primarily made from polyresin, the manufacturers have used an attractive weathered stone finish for a classic look. The finished product is hung from a steel chain with a grey powder coating for improved weather resistance.  


  • Very durable bath material
  • Lightweight product


  • Hand-applied stone finish may flake off in time

9. GreenNestCo Glass Hanging Bird Bath 

plastic hanging bird bath

This small hanging bird bath, made by Greennestco, manages to be both highly decorative and fully functional. The bath itself is easy to clean and refill, and the manufacturers are now making the chains four inches longer, to allow birds easier access to the water.  


  • Very ornamental with beautiful and bright colored glass
  • Bath is easy to clean and refill


  • Made from glass which is a relatively fragile material
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10. BestNest Anthony Ceramic Hanging Bird Bath

small hanging bird bath

For those who appreciate the hand-crafted look and feel, these artisanal American-made hanging bird baths are a perfect choice. These bird baths are made in soft, neutral colors and have textured surfaces that help birds grip while bathing.   


  • Unique, handcrafted bird baths
  • Plastic-coated steel wire hanger resists corrosion


  • Ceramic bath may be fragile if dropped or knocked
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Why Choose A Hanging Bird Bath?

Birds use bird baths for both bathing and drinking and hanging bird baths have some great benefits over the traditional standing varieties. Because they are small, you can easily hang them from a good quality bird feeding station and even put out more than one to limit competition. The light weight and portability of these bird baths also make cleaning and moving them much easier.

Bird Bath Maintenance

Providing the birds in your yard with a safe and comfortable place to drink and bathe in is a great kindness for our feathered friends. It is really important, however, that you keep the water and the bath itself clean and topped up. Of course, we don’t want our visitors to find a bath full of dirty water, or one that holds no water at all. 

Thankfully, this doesn’t require much effort on your part and all you have to do is give the bath a top-up every day or two, and a cleaning out every 3 or 4 days or so. To clean your bird bath, avoid using any harsh chemicals, and instead, opt to clean them out with a very mild solution of bleach or vinegar and water with a soft brush and cloth. 

Solar-powered bird bath bubblers can be put into your baths to keep the water moving, which keeps it fresher for longer and also prevents them from attracting mosquitos that lay their eggs in standing water. 

Where To Hang Your Bird Bath

hanging bird baths

Bird bath hanging is made very simple by the easy-to-use chains and hooks on the bird baths in this guide. But where exactly should you hang your bird bath? The most important considerations when choosing a site for your bird bath are the bird’s safety and comfort, accessibility of the hanging bird bath for filling and cleaning, and visibility. 

Be sure to hang your feeders in a quiet spot that’s not too close to windows or dense cover where cats may lurk. At the same time, be sure to set them near enough to cover for birds to escape from swooping hawks. A distance of about 10-15 feet away from cover is ideal. 

In hot climates, hanging your bird baths in a shady spot will keep the water fresher for longer and limit evaporation. In cold environments, a sunny spot will be appreciated by the birds and will help to prevent the water from freezing over. Where you choose to hang yours will depend on your own location. 

Bird feeder poles and bird feeder stations are ideal places to set up your hanging bird baths. Be sure not to hang them directly under your bird feeders, however, because falling seed and bird waste in the water may cause it to spoil quickly. 

Final Words

There are a lot of great hanging bird baths out there for you to choose from. In my opinion, the best bird bath is one that is safe and comfortable for birds to use, and that you also enjoy seeing in your yard. All of the hanging bird baths in this article are great options, now all you have to do is choose one that best suits your taste style. Enjoy your birdwatching!


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