Top 10 Best Heated Bird Bath – Review of 2022

Winter is a problematic season for many wild birds. This is the reason why many of them migrate south the moment the winds of autumn turn colder and the days become shorter. However, there are still a lot of them who stay for the winter.

Their biggest problem during this time of the year is finding a viable source of water. With the huge availability of ice and snow, one would think that these birds can easily turn these to water. This is not true; birds consume a lot of energy either looking for drinking water or melting ice using their body heat. With the changing climate, it is becoming harder and harder for birds to survive.


Birders can help these birds by providing them with water, using a bird bath. But what if the water immediately freezes over? The answer is simple: you should use the best heated bird bath.

A heated bird bath helps maintain the water’s temperature into above freezing point. This means the water will not freeze, but it will also not be hot or warm. It is just right for birds to drink and bathe in.

Here are my recommendations for heated bird baths that are worth their salt.

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6 Best Heated Bird Bath Comparison

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Top 10 Best Heated Bird Bath Reviews

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1. Allied Precision Industries 600 Heated Bird Bath Bowl



One of my favorite heated bird baths, this item from Allied Precision Industries is the best. I’ve been using mine for three years now and it’s still working great. It takes less than an hour to heat up frozen water and can maintain the water in its liquid form if not turned off.

I love that it has a light color which allows me to easily see if it needs cleaning. The rim of the bath is curved and smoothed out to allow birds to perch easily.

What I don’t appreciate about this product is that it is pretty hard to mount. It would be great if it has a compatible stand or pedestal that you can find, but there is none. I had to disassemble the mounting beneath the bird bath to be able to attach it to a deck railing.


  • Maintains water in liquid form when turned on continuously
  • Melts frozen water in less than an hour
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to set-up


  • Mounting can be a bit complicated
  • Doesn’t have any matching stand or pedestal (even if sold separately)
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2. Farm Innovators Model GBD-75 3-In-1 Heated Birdbath



Farm Innovators really knew about what they were building when they created this heated bird bath. One of my biggest problems with heated bird baths is that most of them are hard to mount. This one has a flat base, making it easy to mount almost anywhere!

The best part is that there are multiple ways to mount the bird bath. You can clamp it, mount it on a deck post, or just put it atop a pedestal or stand. So if you’re not satisfied, you can always move it somewhere else.

Another good thing about this item is that you can use it even during other seasons. You can easily hide the cord from plain sight. Also, when in use, it saves in power as it has its own thermostat that turns the bird bath on when the temperature falls.

My only disappointment with this one is that the cord is too short, at about a foot long. Also, the clamp is not that strong.


  • Rust-proof
  • Has a flat bottom and can be mounted multiple ways
  • Has a thermostat that monitors the temperature and controls the heating of the bird bath
  • Can be used on other seasons of the year


  • Cord is too short
  • Clamp is not that durable
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3. Allied Precision Industries Mounted Heated Bird Bath



API is living up to its name in providing quality heated bird baths, as I approve of more than one of their products. With this one, you can expect quality and durability like most of their products.

This product is easy to use, albeit a bit tricky to install. You’d have to check that you are placing the clamp the right way; else you will have an unstable bird bath. When I installed mine on a standard deck railing and noticed that it’s not latched-in tightly, I double-checked and found that I had used one of the grips in reverse. I corrected it and the bath was sturdy ever since.

I love that it is tilted slightly lower on one side, which is actually by design. This is so the viewer will see the birds taking a bath or a sip when far away.


  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Heats water well


  • Tricky to install
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4. Allied Precision Industries (970) 20-Inch Diameter Heated Bird Bath



It’s not that API is my favorite brand, but they really do well in creating heated birdbaths. This 970 model is one of my go-to options as it has its own stand.

This one has a built-in thermostat as well and only heats up when the water temperature nears its freezing point. This actually saves a lot of energy even when it’s always turned on.

The basin itself is very durable, and the stand is very sturdy. Even a blizzard didn’t bother this heated bird bath; it still worked as expected after the storm. I’ve had this for more than five years now and it still works great.

If there’s one thing I don’t like about this product, it’s that the stand doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing. But the snow covers most of it anyway, so it doesn’t bother me as much.


  • Durable
  • Has built-in thermostat
  • Automatically heats up the water as necessary
  • Has a sturdy stand


  • Though designed well, the stand is not very pretty
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5. Songbird Essentials Heated Birdbath



During the winter and everything have turned white — even my garden — birds seem to be the only “live” decoration I get. This is why I was ecstatic with this heated bird bath from Songbird Essentials. It has a beautiful wooden pedestal stand that looks really lovely!

This nice birdbath comes with ground spikes to keep it steady during high wind days. Assembly was easy; just make sure you are prepared with the right tools, most importantly a screwdriver drill to make things easier for you.

The only downside to this bird bath is that it is only an inch deep! I had to refill it daily to make sure the birds have enough water to drink or take a dip in. Larger birds can drink but are not satisfied with bathing here.


  • Maintains water at room temperature
  • Looks nice
  • Has ground spikes to prevent it from falling over


  • Too shallow
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6. Allied Precision Bird Bath De-Icer Multiple Thermostat (BDT250 model)



If you have a bird bath that you can use during the winter and you’re only problem is that the water freezes over, and then a good solution would be to find a heater or de-icer.

Here is one from Allied Precision Industries. The BDT250 model allows you to place the item in any plastic, metal or granite bird bath.

The downside is that I had to call for replacement every time the heater trips the wire. In my opinion, the grounding could be improved. The good news though is that this product has a three-year warranty. One call and they sent a replacement once the invoices or receipts have been faxed or emailed.


  • Works great for any kind of winter-usable birdbath
  • Prevents the bird baths from icing up
  • Has a long cord (six feet)
  • Has a three-year warranty


  • Trips the wire about two to three years of usage
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7. API 400 Heated Bird Bath with Stand



If you don’t like mounted bird baths, this is another good option from API. Similar to its other products, this birdbath uses a thermostat to control the heating up of the water, which is great for saving energy. It also automatically turns off when the water dries up, preventing the heater from getting ruined.

This comes with a stand, which is sturdy. Although, my main issue is that the basin won’t sit tight into the frame. It’s likely to fall off, so I used duct tape to secure it.

But I do love that the basin is deep enough. And the basin and stand are both durable. Why, mine is already eight years old and it’s still running perfectly!


  • Durable
  • Can last for a decade
  • Has a thermostat that turns the heater on as needed
  • Basin is deep enough
  • Birds can perch on the rim


  • The basin doesn’t sit tight on the stand

8. K&H Pet Products 9000 DeicerBirdbath



I have a plastic bird bath that I wanted to keep using for the winter, so I had to purchase a deicer to maintain the water in liquid form. I got this one from K&H Pet Products to see if it’s worth a try since it says it won’t melt plastic birdbaths.

This product is nicely colored, with an enamel finish. It saves power by turning on only when the thermostat reaches anywhere below 35 degrees (Fahrenheit).

What I dislike about this heater is that the paint has started to chip off about two months of use. The manufacturer stated that it can be spray painted, though I would have wanted their own painted finish to last.


  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Works for metal and plastic basins
  • Saves power


  • Paint started to chip off after the second month
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9. Farm Innovators Model B-9 Economical Birdbath De-Icer



Now that we’re talking about de-icers, let me tell you about this one from Farm Innovators. What I like about this brand is that the company does think about farm scenarios with their products. For instance, even if this is actually meant for a birdbath, it seems like the company knows that birds are not the only ones who drink there. Other animals, like squirrels and deer do, too.

So what I love most about this product is that it is made of cast aluminum. So even if the bird bath falls over when other animals accidentally push it, this unit will survive. It is also pretty easy to clean.

This product shuts down when there isn’t enough water or a part is partially exposed, which is a good thing as that keeps the heater from burning itself up.

The only thing I don’t like is that the cord is less than a foot long. This can be problematic especially on pedestal bird baths.


  • Keeps the water warm
  • Has an auto-shutdown when there’s not enough water
  • Very durable


  • The cord is too short
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10. Farm Innovators Model HBC-120 All Seasons Heated Birdbath with Deck Mount



If you are one for design, then this is the best I can recommend you. This scalloped-shaped birdbath with gray stone finishing is a nice add-on to any yard or garden.

I love that it looks like it’s made of concrete, but in reality, it is just pressure-molded plastic. It is very tough and durable, too. The male plug is hidden underneath the basin, which you can conveniently attach to an extension cord.

This bird bath is also easy to remove and clean. It has a twist-on molding underneath so you won’t have to toy around with the clamp to remove it.

The downside to this unit is that it can only be attached to a four by four-deck railing. If yours is any thinner, it won’t hold. You’d have to buy a separate pedestal made exactly for this unit, called the Ped I.


  • Has a twist-on mechanism to secure on the mount
  • Looks very pretty with concrete finishing
  • Made of pressure-treated plastic
  • Very durable
  • Can be cleaned easily
  • Heats the water up properly


  • The mounting can only be clamped to a four by fourdeck rail
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What To Look For When Buying Heated Bird Bath

There’s not a lot of heated bird baths in the market today, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be choosy. Actually, you need to be more careful about picking a heated basin and not get hooked into purchasing just about anything you find.

Based on experience, here are some of the things that you should look for when purchasing one:

The Right Type – this, of course, depends on your needs. If you want to place your birdbath on a deck railing, then you would need a mounted type bath. If you want it to stand in the middle of the garden, then you would need one that comes with a stand or pedestal.

The Powering Style – you might choose to have it powered by connecting to a power outlet from your home, or you can get one that is powered by solar energy. Solar-powered heaters help you save electricity, at the same time helps save the environment even by a little bit.

The Look – of course how it would look like will also have a huge impact. Even when snowed in, everyone still likes a presentable yard.

The Materials – what the item is made of is important, especially since it is an electronic product that generates heat. If it breaks down because of poor materials, it can be troublesome to you and the birds.

The Depth – there are two reasons why the depth is important. First is that the depth depends on the type of birds you want to attract. If there are big birds in your area, you would need a deeper basin as a one-inch depth will not suffice. If you’re trying to attract small birds, having a shallow bird bath is enough.

The second reason why depth is important is that it means you can place more water in. This part is good because heaters need to be completely submerged in water for them to work properly. If you have a shallow basin, chances are you would need to refill it more often for the birds and to prevent the heater from getting ruined.

If you want to target smaller birds but are interested in a deep bird bath, you can always use stones or other items for small birds to hop on and use as perch when drinking or taking a bath.

The Warranty – Any item that uses electricity and is exposed outside must have a warranty. This gives you confidence that the unit will continue to work even when exposed to the elements and continue to work as expected.

Some might say include the price here, but heated bird baths do not come cheap. And choosing the cheapest one is definitely one I would recommend if you want something that will last for years to come.

Other Important Factors To Consider

What is a heated bird bath?

A heated birdbath is simply a bird bath that has a heater. It’s important during winter when water freezes in birdbaths, preventing the poor birds from finding water to drink or bathe in.

How does it work?

A heated bird bath usually has a thermostat that controls when the heater turns on or off. Typically, when the water reaches 35 degrees Fahrenheit, the heater turns on to prevent the water from freezing. It will turn on when the thermostat reaches a higher temperature such as 40 degrees.

What are the different types of heated bird bath?

The two most common types based on how they are set up are:

  1. Mounted – this bird bath can be attached to deck railings or posts.
  2. Pedestal – this bird bath uses a stand or pedestal that you can place in the middle of the yard.

Why do you need heated bird bath?

If you love helping the birds out but are getting tired of heating water and placing them in your ordinary birdbath day after day (or hour after hour during really cold days), then getting a heated bird bath would be beneficial for you.

This is also very useful for people who have mobility problems, but still, enjoy providing the birds’ needs. You just need to set it once and keep it running. Your only task then would be to continue providing adequate water and the rest is up to your heater.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most popular heated bird bath brands?

You may have noticed the best brands based on my recommended items above. But if the specific model I mentioned is not available, here are the brands to look for instead:

  • Allied Precision Industries
  • Farm Innovators
  • Songbird Essentials

How to attract birds to heated bird bath?

Birds are usually naturally attracted to heated bird baths because it is a source of water. When natural sources of water are frozen, they have no choice but to look elsewhere. This is why heated bird baths are a great way to attract wild birds to your place, even if you previously had none. So in essence, there is no need to add anything to your heated bird bath.

How to clean heated bird bath?

One of the hardest parts of maintaining a heated bird bath is getting rid of the ice. Although it has a heater that turns ice into water, this only works for water inside the basin. For the ice outside, or even at the rim, they cannot be melted by the heater.

What you can do is boil water and pour it over the ice that built up around the basin. Once the ice or snow has melted, you can then remove the basin to clean it up.

Cleaning can be done by scrubbing the inside of the bowl with soap and water mix. Make sure to rinse it properly so that no detergent remains.

Wipe it clean, refill with water, and then place it back to its mount.

Where to buy?

It’s not easy to find heated bird baths as they are not too common. The best places to look are bird stores and home improvement shops such as Lowe’s Home Improvement and Ace Hardware. The best place to look would be


Putting out a heated bird bath not only provides entertainment for the bird watchers but helps birds as well. Imagine not being able to find water during winter. Imagine having to use your body heat to melt snow to make them consumable. These are what wild birds go through.

But with the help of the best heated bird bath that you are providing them, they’ll be able to survive during the harshest of seasons.

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