Bird House Kits: 8 Best Options On The Market

bird house kits

Building up your own birdhouse kit is great fun and a good way to keep you busy on a rainy day. Assembling and painting bird house kits is also a great way to introduce kids to the fun of bird watching. Working on fun projects like this also teaches kids handy skills and lets their imagination and creativity run wild as they choose their own color schemes and designs.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to a few great birdhouse kits for young, old, and everyone in between. 

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Bird House Kits: 8 Best Options On The Market

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Top picks

1. Toysmith Beetle & Bee DIY Bird House Kit

large bird house kits

While these kits from Toysmith Beetle & Bee might not be the most durable bird house kits out there, they are a great way to introduce youngsters to the world of birdwatching. These are great for kids ages 5 and up and are sure to provide a fun-filled day of learning and creativity. These bird houses will work for small birds like wrens and the kids are sure to be thrilled when their new feathered friends move in.  



  • Small bird house but big enough for some birds

Parts Included:

  • Pre-cut wooden panels
  • Chain for hanging
  • 4 paint pots and paintbrushes
  • Nails and glue
  • Instructions
[amazon box=”B07LD7X29W”]

2. Nanayo Wild Birds DIY Bird House Kit for Kids

wooden bird house kits

These kits from Nanayo are great birdhouse kits for kids. This project is quite involved and will keep the youngsters well entertained while they build and learn. 

Included in the package are a set of paintbrushes, stencils, and paints so the kids can enjoy painting and decorating their new creations. These wooden bird house kits include a bird identification guide as well as a bird feeder for a complete bird attracting package. 


  • Great fun for kids
  • Introduces kids to birdwatching


  • The slide-out bottom could be dangerous for birds

Parts Included:

  • Pre-cut wooden panels to build birdhouse and feeder
  • Dowels, wood glue, hammer, and hanging chain
  • Paint brushes, paints, and stencils
  • Bird identification guide
  • Instructions
[amazon box=”B08DG58D4Z”]

3. Panacea Woodlink Classic Bluebird House DIY Craft Kit

bird house kits for kids

These bluebird house kits for adults and kids make a classic bluebird house that will work wonderfully for attracting a breeding pair of these cherished American songbirds. Once assembled, this bird house can be pole-mounted or fixed to a wall or tree. 

The bird house has an overhanging roof and the front can be opened and closed securely. These features, together with its 1.5-inch diameter entrance make this the ideal bird house kit for bluebirds



  • Does not include paint

Parts included:

  • Pre-cut wooden panels
  • Instructions and hardware
  • Bluebird stickers and fun fact sheet
[amazon box=”B07M6RSJ2F”]

4. TheLogCabinToys Canadian Made Birdhouse Log DIY Kit

blue bird house kits

This fun log cabin for birds will be great fun for the whole family to assemble. Once built and set up in the yard, you’re sure to get plenty of compliments from friends and family for this charming piece. 

 A definite plus is that this model is made from sustainable materials. This is a small bird house that chickadees and wrens will love to nest in. 


  • Great looking bird house
  • Fun to assemble for adults and kids


  • The slide-out floor could be dangerous for nesting birds

Parts included:

  • Pre-cut wooden pieces
  • White-glue
  • Hanging string
[amazon box=”B01CVWQ0SA”]

5. Hammond Toys Wood Bird House Kit

bird house kits for adults

These are cheap birdhouse kits that you can buy a few of and get to work building. The kit includes many parts which means you’ll be kept quite busy while you assemble these bird houses.  

Nevertheless, these are easy bird house kits to build and the only tool you’ll need to finish the job is a small hammer. Although this kit does not include any paint or paintbrushes, there’s no reason not to decorate these bird houses in your own personal style. 


  • Affordable
  • Great fun for the kids


  • Wood is light and breaks easily during construction if not carefully handled

Parts included:

  • Pre-cut wooden panels
  • Nails
  • Instructions
[amazon box=”B000JLZCRQ”]

6. SparkJump Birdhouse Craft Kit 

cheap bird house kits

The Sparkjump Birdhouse Craft Kit Is one of those great large bird house kits that are fun for whoever chooses to build them. This is a great project for older kids, adults, or youngsters with a little help from their parents or grandparents. 

The finished product is an attractive, rustic-style bird house that will look great in your yard. These nest boxes are made in the USA from weather-resistant cedar. Beautiful songbirds like House wrens will love to use this nest box. 


  • Made from insect and rot-resistant materials
  • Great project for grandparents and grandkids 


  • Cannot be opened to clean

Parts included:

  • Pre-cut wooden panels, roof shingles, and ‘windows’
  • Wood glue and sandpaper
  • Eye-hooks, nails, and wood slice perches
  • Birdseed
[amazon box=”B087QQXLD5″]

7. SparkJump Jr Birdhouse Kit With Paint Set

where to buy bird house kits

Learning to work with their hands is an essential part of childhood for all kids. Give the little ones the gift of learning about birds while having a great time. 

This kit is made from rot and insect-resistant cedar wood for a long-lasting outdoor feature. If you’re looking for a great gift idea for family or friends, this will provide hours of fun. 


  • Fun project for kids
  • Great gift idea


  • Cannot be opened for cleaning
  • Difficult for kids to put together

Parts included:

  • Pre-cut wooden panels and perch
  • 6 color paint set with brushes
  • Nails, wood glue, and sandpaper 
  • Birdseed
  • Instructions
[amazon box=”B08GHC1FH1″]

8. Hearthside Classics – DIY Build-Your-Own Bluebird House Kit

bird house kits to build

These large bird house kits are great for attracting bluebirds to your yard. They are easy to assemble and easy to hang up on a shepherd’s hook in a quiet part of your yard, or in another place of your choice.

You can leave these bird houses to weather naturally, seal them, or paint them in a color scheme of your choice. 


  • Tall bird house kit
  • Easy to assemble 


  • Cannot be opened for cleaning

Parts included:

  • Pre-cut wooden panels
  • Fasteners and nails
  • Instructions 
[amazon box=”B07PXMMFFC”]

Do I Need A Predator Guard Portal?

Predator guard portals are very simple, but important additions to your bird houses, but what do they do? Well, these devices serve two purposes. For one, they keep your nesting birds safe from predators that might try to enlarge the doorway to the bird house in order to catch the birds or steal the eggs inside.

Animals like squirrels will often chew on the wood around the entrance until it is large enough for them to get inside. The other function of these guards is to create an entrance that is just the right size. This is important because different types of birds look for nesting sites with different-sized entrances.

Here’s a short list of birds that will nest in bird houses, and the right size nest guards to use for each one:

How To Install A Predator Guard

It is very easy to install a predator guard. Most designs have 2-4 predrilled holes and are simply fixed to your bird house with screws or nails. Remember to install your predator guards before your feathered friends move in to avoid disturbing them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

 birdhouse kits

Where can I buy bird house kits?

You might be lucky enough to find a birdhouse kit at your local garden supply center, pet store, or even department store. is a great online source for bird house kits with a good variety to choose from. 

What Kind Of Wood Is Best For A Birdhouse?

Cedar wood is a great choice for outdoor bird houses because it is relatively rot and weather-resistant. You can also use softer woods like pine, as long as they are sealed with a bird-friendly, waterproofing sealant. 

Should a bird house have a perch?

Perches aren’t essential for bird houses. Cavity nesting songbirds can quite easily enter bird houses without perching below the entrance. A perch might even get in the way of the bird trying to enter the bird house or give predators easier access to the nest box entrance. 

Final Thoughts

Bird house kits are a great way to teach kids, bring families closer together, and attract beautiful songbirds into your yard to breed and produce the next generation of feathered friends. So what are you waiting for? Order your bird house kit today. Happy building!

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