How To Get A Bird Out Of Your House? Here’s Your Guide

how to get a bird out of your house

We’ve all been there, a strange fluttering sound alerts us to a bird that is trapped in the house and now can’t find its way back out again. Now you’re wondering, how do I get a bird out of my house?

This is a very stressful situation for any bird, and for many people too! In fact, some pretty serious injuries can happen as birds fly into windows while trying to escape. In this article, I’m going to give you some good advice on how to get a bird out of your house and back outside where the poor thing belongs. 

So let’s get started!

1. Stay Calm

It’s very easy to get overly excited when trying to get a bird out of the house, but not thinking clearly will probably result in some bad decisions. Running around frantically will probably also get the poor little bird even more anxious and frightened. 

In any situation like this, It’s best to take a deep breath, look at the problem, and then step back for a minute and think about how to deal with it. 

2. Remove Your Pets From The Room

how to get a bird out of your house

If you have any dogs or cats in the house, they’re probably pretty excited about the bird and more than happy to help you catch it. A lot of the time, they’ll be able to get to the bird much faster than you can, which is not something you want to happen. Try to remove your pets from the area as fast as possible and put them in a different room of the house. 

3. How To Get A Bird Out Of Your House – Create An Escape Route

how to get a bird out of your house

If you’re wondering how to get a bird out of your house without actually touching it, this is the best way. 

Now that you are calm and focused on your mission, and the pets are out of the way, it’s time to start helping the bird out of your house. You really want to avoid stressing the bird out as much as possible. 

This means avoiding physical contact, and rather letting the bird fly out on its own. To do this, open all windows and doors that lead outside, and close any doors that lead into other rooms of the house. 

While you’re doing this, move slowly and try not to look at the bird because this will frighten it. If you have any large windows that you can’t open, close them off with a curtain if you can because the bird will probably fly straight into the glass while trying to escape. 

With all the windows and doors open, leave the room and give the bird a chance to find its own way out. 

4. (Most) Birds Can’t Hurt You

Of course, Birds don’t like to be caught and often they will defend themselves as best they can. That’s fair right? All animals have the right to defend themselves.  

Even though you are trying to help a trapped bird, it will still feel threatened and so some species do tend to bite. A dove for example is completely harmless, but many birds like starlings will nip. 

Of course, being bitten by any animal is not fun, but the pinch of a songbird’s beak is nothing to be scared of. If you have a larger bird in the house or something like a hawk, you’re going to want some help from a professional. In that case, go ahead and call animal control. 

5. How To Get A Bird Out Of Your House – Catching a bird

how to get a bird out of your house

Nine times out of ten, following the first three steps will fix the problem, and the bird will escape on its own. It can take a while though, so have patience. If for whatever reason, this does not work, you might have to catch the bird. Sometimes the bird will be hiding under some furniture or will have injured itself and not be able to fly away.  

So let’s take a look at how to catch a bird in your house.

It is best to wash your hands before and after handling a wild bird. Birds are pretty fragile creatures, so if you’re going to capture it with your hands, it’s important to capture it gently but securely in a way that immobilizes the animal. Squeeze too hard and you might injure the bird, but if you do not capture it firmly, it could struggle and injure itself. 

It is best to catch a bird with your hands over its back, keeping the wings down and in place. Small birds can be held in one hand, but larger birds like pigeons should be supported with both hands. If you have never handled a bird by hand before, try using something like an open box and a sheet instead. 

Place the box with its open side facing the bird and encourage the bird into the box, then close up the box with the sheet. If the bird is uninjured, you can now take it outside and set it free! Place the bird on the ground, or allow it to fly out of the box in its own time. Now go inside and enjoy a soda or a cup of tea. Job well done!

6. What To Do With An Injured Bird

If the bird is obviously injured, or unable to fly away, you should put it somewhere quiet and safe and give it a chance to recover. Birds often stun themselves by flying into windows and even get completely knocked out sometimes. 

If the bird does not recover or is obviously injured, put it in a closed box, with some ventilation holes and set the box in a quiet and comfortably warm area. Go online and search for a wildlife rehabilitator in your area and give them a call. Explain the condition of the bird and they can give you some advice on what to do next. 

Remember to wash your hands after handling wildlife!

How To Get A Bird Out Of Your House FAQs

Can birds knock themselves out?

Yes, birds often knock themselves out after flying into windows and other objects. Often they will wake up after a few moments and seem drowsy while they recover their strength before flying off. If you find a bird in this state, put it somewhere warm and safe where it can recover. If the bird is obviously injured, consider contacting a rehabilitator

How long does it take for a trapped bird to die? 

If an unfortunate bird becomes trapped somewhere and has no way of getting out, it will typically die after a few days. It really depends on the conditions where it is trapped of course. Birds trapped in very hot or very cold environments will die more quickly.

Why are birds coming into my house?

Birds fly into houses for many different reasons. Sometimes they are looking for food or water, and often they are looking for a sheltered place to build their nest. A lot of the time, birds get trapped in the house accidentally, especially when it looks like they can fly right through but hit a window on the other side. Read this guide on how to keep birds away for some great practical advice. 

Do birds nest in roof space?

Some birds, like House Sparrows and European Starlings, love to nest in roof space. Typically these birds look for nest sites that they can access from the outside of a building though, so while you may be able to hear them from inside your house, you probably won’t see them inside. Check out this article on how to get rid of starlings for more information on these birds. 

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Final Thoughts

how do i get a bird out of my house

Knowing how to get a bird out of your house is a great skill to have because getting birds stuck in the house is something that happens pretty often. Depending on the layout of your house, yard and windows, it might be happening in your home more often than most. 

Stay calm and use the tips in this article about getting a bird out of your house to handle the situation like a pro. Good luck!

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