Best Bird Bath Bowl: Review Of Our Top Picks

bird bath bowl

Bird bath bowls are like a magnet for songbirds. As much as I love watching the birds come in to feed, I really enjoy watching them splash around in the bowl out on the porch too. In this article, I’ll review a couple of great bird bath bowl only options for your yard, porch, or balcony. 

Top picks:

Best budget option: Erva D14GR Plastic Bird Bath Bowl

Most attractive design: Evergreen Garden Art Nouveau Tortoise Glass Bird Bath

Most practical design: Yosager Deck Mount Bird Bath Bowl

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6 Best Bird Bath Bowl Comparison

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Best Bird Bath Bowl: Review Of Our Top Picks

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1. Erva D14GR Plastic Bird Bath Bowl

concrete bird bath bowl

This plastic bird bath bowl from Erva is simple, economical, and effective. If you aren’t looking for something particularly ornamental, this USA-made bird bath would make a great purchase. It is easy to clean and holds 3 full quarts of water to keep our feathered friends coming back for more. 


  • Non-toxic and BPA free plastic
  • Durable, heavy-duty construction


  • Non-ornamental
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2. Esschert Design FB297 Cement Bird Bath Bowl

large bird bath bowl

There are already 2 birds perched on this bird bath bowl out of the box! This design is a nice touch and makes a functional bird bath that is a little bit more appealing out on the patio. 

I like the stepped design of this bath as well that allows birds of different sizes a choice of how deep to stand. The product looks similar to a concrete bird bath bowl but is not too heavy.  


  • Attractive design
  • Heavy enough to remain stable in wind


  • Ceramic material must be handled with care
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3. Tierra GardenGloss Bird Bath Bowl with Gloss Rim

stone bird bath bowl

These large bird bath bowls by Tierra hold plenty of water and are built to last. The range is made from an innovative combination of materials, to ensure a durable, high-quality product. As beautiful as this green model is, there are a bunch of different color options in the range, so there’s one to fit anyone’s style. 


  • Beautiful natural colors
  • Long-lasting weather-resistant construction


  • Should be protected in winter
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 4. Evergreen Garden Art Nouveau Tortoise Glass Bird Bath

cement bird bath bowl

This bird bath bowl combines form and function. As much as your feathered friends will love drinking and bathing in it, you’ll probably find yourself staring at it pretty often too. Made from stunning durable colored glass, this bird bath bowl is sure to impress your friends and family too. 


  • Bright and beautiful colors
  • Great size and depth for songbirds


  • Glass is naturally fragile
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 5. Whitehall Products Sailboat Sundial Birdbath, Copper Verdi

plastic bird bath bowl

This metal bird bath bowl has been designed to look just like a copper bird bath bowl, and it works! The sailboat-styled sundial is a charming design that looks great on a balcony or a porch. This is a small bird bath bowl so you’ll need to refill it regularly. 


  • Charming design
  • USA made


  • Small size
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6. TDI Grey Gloss Bird Bath Bowl with Gloss Rim

bird bath bowl only

This large bird bath bowl is made from a combination of materials that provides durability and strength while staying light-weight. This bath looks great, almost like a stone bird bath bowl but is much lighter. It also has a gloss finish which means it’s easy to clean. 


  • UV resistant
  • Easy to clean


  • Should be covered in winter
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7. Wildlife World Nature Oasis Bird Bath

glass bird bath bowl

This great-looking small bird bath bowl is made from an interesting combination of sustainable materials, including bamboo fibers, and recycled plastic. The finished product is lightweight, highly durable for outdoor conditions, and works great for birds. The stepped design of this small bird bath bowl is great for smaller birds.


  • Made from sustainable materials
  • Durable and frost-proof


  • Holds relatively little water
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8. Evergreen Garden Bumble Bee Outdoor Glass Bird Bath Bowl

terra cotta bird bath bowl

This cheerful glass bird bath bowl is full of color to add brightness to your outdoor environment while providing your birds with a great place to cool off and get a drink. This is quite a deep bowl bird bath and it can be set on a level area, on the ground, or on a stand if you have one. 


  • Beautiful bright colors
  • Fade-resistant


  • Glass is naturally fragile
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9. Yosager Deck Mount Bird Bath Bowl 

copper bird bath bowl

This is a great product for folks who live in apartments but still want to attract birds to their balconies. It has the appearance of a classic terra cotta bird bath bowl and has a clamp that can be fixed to the railing of your balcony, provided the railing is not thicker than 2.5 inches. 

The bowl itself is made from a heavy-duty, durable material that is easy to clean. The clamp is easy to use and holds the bowl up securely. 


  • Simple and practical design
  • Fits railings securely


  • Not ornamental
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10. Evergreen Garden Beautiful Summer Blue Floral Outdoor Glass Bird Bath Bowl 

 metal bird bath bowl

This beautiful, ornamental bird bath bowl enhances the appeal of your outdoor environment. Not only that, but the birds will love bathing and drinking from this piece as well. 


  • Beautiful garden feature
  • Easy to clean


  • Glass is naturally fragile
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Why Put Out Water For The Birds?

bowl for bird bath

Most birds love a drink of fresh clean water. Bathing is also a very important way of keeping cool in the heat of summer and keeping their feathers clean throughout the year. 

Putting out a source of freshwater for the birds in your yard will attract a multitude of different bird species, providing you with hours of interesting viewing each day. Many modern bird bath bowls are also highly decorative and help provide color and charm to your outdoor environment. 


Should a bird bath be in the sun or the shade?

Where you choose to set up your bird bath depends a lot on the conditions outside. In the summer, the water in your bird bath will evaporate pretty quickly and can develop algae and spoil pretty quickly too. In the colder winter months, the water will freeze over faster in the shade.

What color attracts birds to a bird bath?

There isn’t a clear-cut best color for bird baths. Birds will probably be most comfortable visiting neutral and natural-colored bowls. Don’t be afraid to pick a colorful bath if it suits your style and personality.  

Should I put rocks in my bird bath?

Putting a few rocks in a bird bath can be helpful for large lightweight bowls that might be moved in strong wind. A few rocks also provide additional perches for the birds that visit. 

How deep should the water in my bird bath be?

About 1.5-2 inches is an ideal depth for the water in your bird bath. Smaller birds will find anything deeper too difficult to bathe in unless you put a few rocks in for them to perch on. 

Final Thoughts

Setting out a bird bath bowl or two is one of the best ways to attract a variety of birds to your home and yard. Not only that, but there are many really great-looking, ornamental bird bath bowls out there to choose from that add style and personality to your yard. Happy bird watching!

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