15 Amazing Birds With Long Legs (with Photos)

Birds With Long Legs

There is little in nature as distinctive or as delightful as a bird with long legs. Whether a bright pink Flamingo, a smaller and more subtly colored American Bittern or an elegant Sandhill Crane, a bird with long legs – sometimes seemingly way too long for the bird’s overall dimensions – is a sight you …

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Types Of Finches: 15 Finch Species In The US

Lawrence’s Goldfinch

There are many different types of finches in the US. In fact, there are fifteen different species. Each type of finch has its own unique characteristics and habits. Some people might think that all these different types of birds would be difficult to tell apart, but they can actually be quite easy to identify if …

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Why Do Woodpeckers Peck Wood? Here Are 12 Reasons

why do woodpeckers peck wood

The question, “Why do woodpeckers peck at trees?” is one of the most frequently asked questions put to wildlife biologists. We know what this bird does, but not why.  So let’s see if we can find an answer together. 12 Reasons why woodpeckers peck wood To Find Food Many different species of woodpeckers forage throughout …

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