How Long Do Birds Live? All About The Wild Bird Lifespan

how long do birds live

Have you ever wondered whether you’re seeing the same individual birds in your yard, year after year? Unless they have something unique about them, like an unusual marking, it can actually be really difficult to tell. This leads to another question: just how long do birds live? It’s an interesting question, and something I’ve been …

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Bird Water Feeder: What You Need To Know + Our Top Picks

bird water feeder

Fresh and clean water can be difficult for birds to find. This gives all the birdwatchers a chance to make their garden a one stop shop for much-needed refreshment. All the while enjoying the up close spectacle of these wild feathered creatures bathing and drinking. There are many bird baths, fountains and bird bath bowls …

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6 Wooden Bird Feeders You’ll Love In 2023

wooden bird feeders

When looking for your new bird feeder it might seem that there are just as many bird feeders available for purchase as there are birds. It can be a challenge to choose the bird feeder that will attract your feathered garden visitors and at the same time will also compliment your yard. You will find …

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15 Types Of Hummingbirds In The United States

types of hummingbirds

In this article, we’re putting together great pictures of different types of hummingbirds and some solid information about the different hummingbird types. When people ask how many types of hummingbirds are there in the United States, it can be difficult to say exactly because there are a few southern species that come and go. So …

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Why Do Birds Chirp At Night – Interesting Facts

why do birds chirp at night

For many people, it might be strange hearing birds chirping at night. Interestingly though, this is quite normal behavior for many different types of birds. Read this article to understand why birds chirp at night and to learn many other interesting facts like: Why do birds chirp in general? Why do birds chirp at night? …

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