15 Amazing Birds With Long Legs (with Photos)

Birds With Long Legs

There is little in nature as distinctive or as delightful as a bird with long legs. Whether a bright pink Flamingo, a smaller and more subtly colored American Bittern or an elegant Sandhill Crane, a bird with long legs – sometimes seemingly way too long for the bird’s overall dimensions – is a sight you …

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Scary Birds: 12 Creepiest Birds In The World (with Photos)

Marabou stork

Birds can be pretty creepy creatures. They’re often associated with peace, love, and happiness. But there are a few birds out there that are downright spooky. Whether it’s their appearance, behavior, or habitat, these 12 birds are the creepiest of the bunch. Check them out! (Photos included) 12 Scary Birds In The World 1.Marabou stork …

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