Where Do Birds Go When It Rains: All You Need To Know

where do birds go when it rains

Birds are fascinating creatures that play an integral role in our ecosystem. 

They can be found on every continent except Antarctica and they come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and personalities. Some people even keep pet birds at their home! 

But have you ever wondered what happens to the birds when it rains? Or where do they go to sleep?

You might think they huddle up under a tree or go inside a birdhouse, but if you really want to know the answer to the question of “where do birds go when it rains”, then read this blog post for answers!

Do birds like rain?

So the first thing we need to answer is: do birds like rain?   

Well, not exactly. 

Birds are generally accustomed to sunny, dry conditions because that is where they normally live. So when it rains, their feathers get wet and the birds become uncomfortable which can put them at risk of hypothermia, so it’s best for them not to go out in the rain if they don’t have to.

Where Do Birds Go When It Storms: 8 Places Birds Safely Shelter Themselves

In their nest

If you think that birds would take shelter in their nests, then you’re absolutely right. Birds build their nests as a home for both themselves and their future offspring, as well as a safe place to raise little ones after they hatch. The shelters are usually close to food sources, so it’s easy for the mother bird to bring back food for her children. They are very carefully constructed and maintained by their owners to make them safe from predators.

It may be a surprise for you, but almost all birds build nests to shelter themselves from the rain. The surrounding areas are usually protected by vegetation which provides good protection for them. So when it rains, birds are nestled safely inside their homes!

In a tree or bush

Some birds during rain like to roost in trees because branches can provide shelter from the rain. During storms, they may opt for higher perches to avoid getting drenched by heavy rainfall. 

For large birds like owls and eagles, the trunks of tall trees are ideal hiding spots. If trees are unavailable, birds can always go to shrubs or dense bushes where they feel safe and protected.

In a cave or an underground burrow

Birds are more likely to find shelter in caves because some are high enough for them to keep dry during heavy rainfall. Others might construct their own burrows with the help of teeth and claws, sometimes taking advantage of small crevices found on rocks or trees. 

Other birds may dig burrows on the side of cliffs or hills where they can tuck themselves in before it pours. They might also use already-existing burrows of other animals.

where do the birds go when it rains

In a birdhouse

Most people don’t think of putting up birdhouses but these could be great shelter for your feathered friends! You may place them at least 12 to 15 feet off the ground and make sure that there are small crevices for the birds to enter.  

These crevices should also be high enough to avoid water getting inside the house. It’s best to place species-specific bird houses like wren houses and wood duck boxes.

On an overhead branch

Some birds like swallows sleep in groups on branches or wires during bad weather. This way they can huddle together and keep each other warm. 

They are also less likely to get wet because their bodies are elevated off the ground. If there are no branches, they can also shelter in the tops of trees where leaves will protect them from rain.

In a hole in the ground

Ground-dwelling birds can find shelter in holes dug by other animals. They may also create their own burrows and dig deep into the soil that could protect them from raindrops and snowflakes. 

During winter months, they can make their way to underground dens such as ant hills, raccoon homes, or even squirrels’ stashes!

On a human-made structure

Some birds like to roost on power lines and other man-made objects such as buildings, bridges, and even cars! Birds like pigeons and swallows like to roost in cities by gathering on tall buildings. 

These birds may not be the most popular residents but it’s good to know that they have a place to take shelter when it rains.

where do birds go when it rains

On the water

When it’s raining cats and dogs, birds still have somewhere to hide! Some birds use the water as a shield from harsh weather. Ducks and geese often float on water to stay warm during winter. 

Other birds may also seek refuge on the water if they are unable to reach land fast enough.

FAQ birds during rain

Where do water birds go when it rains?

Water birds like ducks, geese, and swans find shelter on water bodies. Some may even swim towards deeper parts to avoid raindrops. They often stay on the surface of the water until the rain stops or they fly off once more. When it pours really hard, these kinds of birds naturally become less active because they are unable to fly well.

Where do birds sleep during the rain?

In general, birds tend to take shelter in trees or on elevated perches during rain showers. If those are not present, they may find natural caves or dig holes in the ground as a safe place for them to rest and wait for sunny days. They can also be found on overhead branches where they may sleep in small groups.

Are birds OK in the rain?

Birds are pretty smart when it comes to keeping themselves safe and dry even during heavy rainfall. They usually find cover or situate themselves high enough to avoid getting wet. 

They also make sure to keep their feathers in good shape even if they get soaked because this helps them stay warm and conserve energy. Our feathery friends can safely spend hours outside during rainy days and resume their activities once the sun returns.

Do birds get wet in rain?

The short answer is yes. When it rains, birds do get wet because they are exposed to rain for a longer time compared to humans who can easily find shelters in homes or cars. However, they have special features that enable them to remain safe and dry even in storms. 

Birds’ feathers provide an effective barrier against moisture, preventing the penetration of raindrops and snowflakes. They also spread their wings to cover their bodies and tuck their heads under their feathers for protection.

Do birds sleep in the rain?

Birds can sleep during rainy days but it’s possible that they may delay doing so because of gusty winds or heavy rainfall. If they find no shelter, these harsh weather conditions may disturb their slumber.

In Conclusion

I hope you learned something new about birds and rain. 

All of the animals in our world are fascinating, but sometimes they can be a little too mysterious for their own good! 

Let us know if there’s anything else you’d like to learn more about by contacting us below or leaving comments on this post – we would love to hear from you.

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