15 Popular Yellow Birds in Florida (Ultimate Guide + Pictures)

Yellow Birds in Florida

Yellow birds migrate south for a warmer winter after the breeding season in the north. Other yellow-colored birds make Florida their permanent home year-round. This means that it’s possible to spot various kinds of yellow birds seen during different seasons of the year. Most of the yellow birds in Florida fall into several categories: warblers, …

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15 Popular Pink Birds in Florida (Ultimate Guide + Pictures)

Pink Birds in Florida

From shrimp pink feathers and rosy crests to blush-tinted plumage, pink-colored are rarer on the East Coast than in the American West. Many of these birds are either coastal birds or vagrant visitors to Florida. Popular birds with pink feathers in Florida include several different kinds of flamingoes, finches, female or juvenile cardinals and tanagers, …

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15 Popular Black Birds in Florida (Ultimate Guide + Pictures)

Black Birds in Florida

From noisy colonies of Black-Tailed Grackles to the American Coot’s single-note squawk or the crackling cry of a black-winged Anhinga, the state of Florida is home to many large species of black birds. There are 13 different species of large black birds that haunt Florida’s coastlines, roost in rural spots and backyards, or line telephone …

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