Best Perky-Pet Hummingbird Feeder: 2022 Review

perky pet hummingbird feeder

Perky-Pet is a trusted name in the world of high-quality bird feeders and they make a great variety of hummingbird feeders to suit just about anyone’s style. In this review, I’ll take you through a selection of perky pet bird feeders that are available in 2022.  Related Articles 10 Ways To Attract Hummingbirds 7 Ways …

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How To Keep Ants Out Of Hummingbird Feeder

how to keep ants out of a hummingbird feeder

One of the biggest challenges in keeping hummingbirds happy and well-fed in your yard is dealing with unwanted insects. Ants, in particular, can be very frustrating as they constantly march to and from our feeders, stealing their nectar and keeping our favorite birds away.  To help you manage this problem, and keep an ant-proof hummingbird …

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Finch Feeders Guide: How to Choose the Right One

finch feeder

Finches are one of the smallest species found on earth that don’t generally interact with humans. While they make basket-shaped nests, they hop around the feeders in search of their food. However, when using feeders, sick finches tend to pass on diseases like conjunctivitis and trichomoniasis to other healthy birds. So, if you’re planning to …

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The 10 Best Oriole Feeders – Review of 2022

best oriole feeder

Who wouldn’t like a flash of golden orange in their garden from time to time? If the beautiful plumage of Orioles isn’t enough to entice you, their sweet melody surely will. If you are in the West, you have most likely seen the Bullock’s oriole. If you’re in the East, you have seen either the …

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Top 10 Best Squirrel Feeders – Review of 2022

best squirrel feeder

As a longtime bird watching aficionado, it took me some time to actually grasp the do’s and don’ts of bird watching. One of the biggest lessons I have learned in doing so is the underrated use of squirrel feeders. Most of the new blood in this particular hobby scene might be taken aback by the …

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Top 12 Best Bird Feeder Poles – Review of 2022

best bird feeder pole

If bird watching is your thing, you have to know by now that simply hanging your feeders on tree branches don’t always work for the best. Squirrels and raccoons can use the branches to climb above the feeder and then slide down or jump to the feeder. If you don’t have additional protection against squirrels, …

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