6 Wooden Bird Feeders You’ll Love In 2022

wooden bird feeders

When looking for your new bird feeder it might seem that there are just as many bird feeders available for purchase as there are birds. It can be a challenge to choose the bird feeder that will attract your feathered garden visitors and at the same time will also compliment your yard. You will find …

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Best Modern Bird Feeder: Top Picks In 2022

modern bird feeder

Whether you’ve been feeding the birds in your yard for years, or just starting out, modern bird feeders are great for adding style to your surroundings. These feeders are designed to combine good looks with a great place for birds to feed. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so read on to …

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The Best Bird Seed Catchers Of 2022

bird seed catcher

Anyone who has ever put out some bird seed will know that birds can be really messy eaters. Unfortunately, this is just the way that they feed and it’s just something we have to accept. There are some important reasons to keep the area below your bird feeders clean, however. Seeds messed below your feeders …

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Suet Feeders: A Full Guide And Our Top Picks

suet feeders

If you’ve ever heard of suet and wondered what exactly this wonder-food for birds is, let me explain. Suet, in its pure form, is actually animal fat, usually from around the gut of cows and sheep. Commercially available suet cakes are usually a mixture of this fat and a variety of seeds and nuts, and …

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